2005 - Looking Back at the Year of the Rooster
(Otherwise known as the Year of the Loon in the Canadian Zodiac)

Chinese Zodiac Signs
1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005. People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/zodiac_chinese.html
The Canadian Zodiac
1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017. People born in the Year of the Loon are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/zodiac_canadian.html
The Future of Mobile Gaming: Whose hands is it in?
Mobile gaming is a new technological revolution. Professional gamer and writer Megan Swaine takes a look at its competitors. www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/The-Future-of-Mobile-Gaming.html
True Haute Couture has Vanished
According to Pierre Cardin, the French fashion designer, modern fashion has been diluted by sex, nudity and prostitution. True haute couture is gone. www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/fashion/True-Haute-Couture-has-Vanished.html
Iconic Images of War
In recent years, Moffat has started film-making and directed the 2005 short film "Nuclear Winter". He currently lives in South Korea, where he is a strong ... www.arthistoryarchive.com/arthistory/photography/iconic_warimages.html
Revenge of the Sith: Metaphors of War
May 24th, 2005:. Well, after seeing the movie in the theatre, I can safely say that Episode 3 has turned out to be another metaphor for the War in Iraq AND ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/episode3iraq.html
MBA: The devil's degree?
"We introduced a course (in 2004-2005) called `Individuals, Corporations and Society' that looks at the effects of the relationships between those three ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/mbadevils.html
$100/Barrel Oil
2004: Iraqi Insurgence, $55/barrel 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, $60/barrel. 2006: War with Iran appears imminent, $69/barrel. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2006/OneHundredDollarOilBarrels.html
In 2005, 46000 new jobs were created in the technology sector... but there was less than 10000 new graduates to fill those jobs. ... www.feministezine.com/feminist/radioactive_superplayboy_bunny.html
China is Winning the Trade War
May 24th, 2005. The United States currently owes China over $650 BILLION in debt. That number is expected to grow to over $1 Trillion during the next 2 ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/china_winning_tradewar.html
Double Standard Sexuality
Double Standard Sexuality By Suzanne MacNevin. Intimacy Problems:. Example #1: When a girl says she "needs" the guy she is dating, and tells him "I love you ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/doublestandard_sexuality.html
Google Personals?
Is the Internet getting hotter, or is it just me? Whew! I better take off my shirt! Speculation that net savvy Google is at it again, and this time its ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/googlepersonals.html
Fashionistas Against Sweatshops
Sure, the clothes is high-quality and brand name... companies like GAP, Nike, Disney, Guess?, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, Levis and many more have made a ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/fashionistas_against_sweatshops.html
The Sexuality of FAT Women
71% of adult women living in the United States between the ages 16 and 65 are overweight. 28% are obese. And yet Americans love to have sex, a lot. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/sexuality_of_fatwomen.html
The Solar Powered Myth
It is an often held misconception that solar power (and wind power) are:. #1. Too expensive. #2. Won't provide enough power for large appliances. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/environmental/The-Solar-Powered-Myth.html
The Modern Corset
The classic corset has been modernized, and with it has come some dramatic changes. Instead of whalebone new materials are being used. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/themoderncorset.html
Politics, Cocaine & Anal Sex
Quebec separatists have never looked so naughty and cool at the same time. The new leader of the Parti Quebecois, the Quebec separatist party in Canada, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/politics_cocaine_and_analsex.html
Sea Serpents of Canada
Unbeknownst to many Canadians and foreigners, Canada actually has an abundancy of sea-serpent/dragon myths, otherwise known as "Loch Ness Monsters". ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/canadian_seaserpents.html
The Top Ten Languages of the World
The Top Ten Languages of the World By Charles Alexander Moffat & Suzanne MacNevin. There is approximately 6700 languages around the world, and several die ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/languagesoftheworld.html
Siesta Fever
My grandfather turned 81 this past year and continues, despite his age, to live a robust and full life. He retired at the age of 70, after farming for over ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/siestafever.html
The Monkey who would be King
Once upon a time in the land of Nod there was an election to see who would be King. There was two possible candidates: The friend of the former king, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/themonkey_whowouldbe_king.html
Africa's Best Hope: Anti-Retrovials
SOWETO, South Africa: She is two years and four months old, her first name means "acceptance" in Zulu, and if she were true to her name, she'd be dead by ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/africas_besthope.html
Russ Meyer: The Father of Softcore Erotica
In addition to coining the words "softcore" and "hardcore", Russ Meyer was a director, writer, sexual revolutionary, cameraman and movie producer of some of ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/russmeyer_biography.html
The Fashion/Prostitution Industry
Models? Or high-class prostitutes? Tyra Banks. Naomi Campbell. Laetitia Casta. Heidi Klum. Sung Hi Lee. Josie Maran. Kim Smith ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/fashion_prostitution.html
The Lolita Complex
The Lolita Complex: Sue Lyon, Dominique Swaine, Brooke Shields, Mena Suvari, The Olsen Twins & Britney Spears By Charles Alexander Moffat ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/The_Lolita_Complex.html
Sex Rights in Africa
AIDS/HIV is spreading across Africa like wildfire, and the PRIMARY reason is because the Catholic Church forbids the use of condoms. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/health/Sex-Rights-in-Africa.html
United Republics of Africa
Background: The URA is not a new idea, its actually a much older one dating back to the 1960s and perhaps even further. Due to disputes between different ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/united_republics_of_africa.html
Don't Teach English in South Korea
If you're thinking of going overseas to teach English in South Korea, my first advice to you is DON'T. Don't go! There is a 70% chance that if you go you ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/DONT_teach-english-in_SouthKorea.html
The New Manifest Destiny
I found this article online amongst a collection of writings about American colonialism. It really scared me with its underlying racism and fascism. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/thenew_manifest_destiny.html
American Economic Collapse Not Far Away
Even More Reasons Why the US Economy Will Collapse:. #21. Five years of drought and Global Warming has caused many farmers in the American mid-west to ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/USeconomic_collapse.html
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part One
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part One Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five Compiled from Newspaper Clippings and edited by Suzanne MacNevin. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/neworleans_part1.html
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Two
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Two Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five Compiled from Newspaper Clippings and edited by Suzanne MacNevin. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/neworleans_part2.html
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Three
The following is a transcript of WWL correspondent Garland Robinette's interview with Nagin on Thursday night, September 1st, 2005. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/neworleans_part3.html
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Four
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Four Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five Compiled from Newspaper Clippings and edited by Suzanne MacNevin. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/neworleans_part4.html
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Five
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Five Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five Compiled from Newspaper Clippings and edited by Suzanne MacNevin. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/neworleans_part5.html
Doctors Driving Taxis: The Problem with Immigration and Education
However, if you consider that during the last 25 years (1980 to 2005) Canada has welcomed 4 million new immigrants (plus any children they had, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/doctorsdrivingtaxis.html
The Buddha Reincarnated?
24, 2005. 01:00 AM BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, ASSOCIATED PRESS. KATHMANDU—A teenage boy has been meditating in a Nepalese jungle for six months, and thousands of ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/buddha_reincarnated.html
Mass Graves found in Iraq, Victims Riddled with American Bullets
13, 2005. 01:00 AM:. BAGHDAD—The bullet-riddled bodies of 28 people — many thought to be Sunni Arabs — have been found buried in shallow graves, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/massgraves_iraq.html
A Festivus for the Rest of Us!
According to a 2005 New York Times poll, approximately 3% of Americans now celebrate Festivus. Festivus, the fictional Yule-time holiday created by Frank ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/religion/Festivus.html
Long Hair is Back in Fashion!!!
All have recently (July 2005) published articles about how long hair is back in style. These days its more than just an act of rebellion to grow your hair ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/longhair_is_attractive.html
Get Married in Canada!
As of July 20th, 2005 the Canadian Senate ratified and confirmed sweeping changes to Canadian marriages, the definition of marriage and the right to ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/canadian_gaymarriages.html
Anorexia Vs Obesity in North America
The following is data released from Statistics Canada in 2005, concerning a 2004 national survey of 35000 Canadians. The sample is large enough to be ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/anorexia_vs_obesity.html
Canadian Unity Vs. Quebec Separatism
Canadian Unity Vs. Quebec Separatism By Charles Alexander Moffat, 2005. ... If the Conservative Party were to win a minority government in November 2005, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/canadianunity.html
Birth Control Vs. Overpopulation
2005: 6.47 billion; 2010: 6.83 billion; 2015: 7.24 billion; 2020: 7.68 billion ... Its estimated population is 295734134 (July 2005 est.). ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/birthcontrol_overpopulation.html
The Pyroterrorists Are Coming!
April 3rd, 2005:. Very soon, it will be summer. In fact, this summer is predicted by some scientists to be one of the hottest summers in the last 100 years. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/thepyroterroristsarecoming.html
Ni hao Senor Americano!
The world population in 2005 is 6.4 billion people (6446131400 July 2005). The population growth rate is 1.15% currently. If that growth rate persists, ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/nihao_senoramericano.html
Nuclear Winter: The Tragic Comedy of the Post Apocalypse!
Statistics:; Name: Nuclear Winter; Date: March 2005; Directed By: Charles Moffat; Starring: Megan Swaine and Phil May; Genre: Satire/Comedy ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/nuclearwinter.html
The Iran War - We May Have No Choice
2005: Mahmoud elected President of Iran (June 2005). 2005: Mahmoud bans "indecent" Western music and routinely shuts down independent newspapers. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2006/TheIranWar-NoChoice.html
Victoria Van Dyke's Poetry: 2005
This collection of poetry was written during the summer of 2005, during her stay at a mental asylum. She had previously been released from a different ... www.lilithgallery.com/gallery/vandyke/vandykepoetry1.html
2005: The Hottest Year in Recorded History
June 28th, 2005: Regardless of wherever you go in the world, even to the Antartica, this has been ... So is 2005 the hottest year on record? Yes, yes it is. ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2005/hothothot-2005.html
2005 Economic Stats: An Indepth Look at the ...
Canada's manufacturing companies have posted record profits for 2005, ... Its stock exchange closed its last day in December 2005 140% higher than December ... www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/2006/economicstats2005.html

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