Get Married in Canada!
The Gay-Friendly Capitol of the World!
Written by Suzy MacNevin

As of July 20th, 2005 the Canadian Senate ratified and confirmed sweeping changes to Canadian marriages, the definition of marriage and the right to marriage.

Canadian gays and lesbians were already tying the knot months, in some cases even years, before it became official today. How? Bylaws and Provincial laws. Gay marriages were legal in certain parts of Canada and it was becoming a "patchwork of bylaws and provincial laws". The solution was to take it to the federal leaders and pass laws that would ensure gay and lesbian equality and the right to marriage on a national level, that way a marriage performed in Toronto would still be honoured in Alberta (Alberta is notoriously homophobic).

In terms of politics, the Conservative Party voted against gay marriage rights, while the Liberal Party, New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois all voted in favour. The Conservative Party has its roots in western Canada, especially in Alberta where right-wing Christian groups think homosexuality is a sin.

So Canada isn't completely "gay-friendly", but it has set a standard by which the rest of the world can aspire to. It is currently one of only three countries that allow gay marriages on a national level.

In the United States gay marriages are legal in certain states (again with local laws), but George W. Bush and right-wing Christians are trying to reverse those laws in order to prevent gays and lesbians from having a "rubber stamp approval on their lifestyle". The idea basically is to prevent gays and lesbians from having any kind of legal recognition that their lifestyle is "okay". It isn't limited to just marriage.

Also on the list of things the Christian right-wingers want to prevent (these are issues that have already come up in the past):

  • The right to divorce.
  • The right to adopt children.
  • Equal taxation as heterosexual couples.
  • The right to join the military.
  • Sodomy is still illegal in some states.
  • Gay dildos are still illegal in some states.
  • Gay pornography is still illegal in some states.
  • The right to attend a church of their choice.
  • The right to create non-profit charities that don't get taxed. Some states don't allow gay/lesbian charities.
  • Official recognition of equality by creating a new amendment.
  • The right to a sex change, currently illegal in some states.
  • Third-gender recognition for transsexuals/hermaphrodites.

    All of these above issues are already taken for granted in Canada. Gays and lesbians now have all the rights and freedoms as any other Canadian.

    Combined with that is Canada's aggressive living standards (which are above the United States), free healthcare, an open and free society where terrorism/war is simply not part of the Canadian way of life, a society where morality/equality is held on a higher standard than greed/power. A society where cities have clean air to breath, an abundance of trees and parkland, clean water and environmental standards that not only meet, but aggressively beat the Kyoto Accord.

    In contrast to the United States, where war and terrorism is a way of life, water/air pollution is the standard, healthcare is expensive, greed is the corporate standard, poverty and crime is rampant, and morality/equality depends purely on which president is currently in power.

    When you compare the drastic differences, who wouldn't want to live in Canada?

    Its no wonder Canada has been ranked as the "#1 Best Country to Live In" for 14 years. The United States is only #8.

    My advice for people around the world is simple: Whether you're gay, lesbian or even straight, move to Canada. It will be the best decision you've ever made.

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