Is the Internet getting hotter, or is it just me? Whew! I better take off my shirt!

Speculation that net savvy Google is at it again, and this time its going to make your blood boil: Google Personals is on the way and its going to revolutionize the way people use personals:

  • #01. It will be free. No credit card necessary for people to join and contact people.

  • #02. It will be supported by Google ads. Similar to the ones on the right of this page.

  • #03. It "might" involve a blog centre, where users can blog and other people can get to know them through their blog.

  • #04. There will definitely be user friendly chatrooms.

  • #05. It will have a broad range of search parameters so that you can type in what you're looking for.

  • #06. There will be "Smilies" that you can use to send text messages of winks, kisses, nudges and virtual flowers.

  • #07. It will be created alongside "Google E-Cards", so you can also send e-cards to your romantic pen pal(s), along with birthday, anniversary and seasonal cards.

  • #08. Users will have the option of "featuring" their listing in order to get more attention, but that will be a payment based program. Like I've said above, contacting other people will be completely free.

  • #09. It will have an "almost unlimited" photo storage centre, where you can upload lots of photos of yourself.

  • #10. It may even have a voice-relay system, webcam or video centre too. Multimedia personals so you can see and hear the person you're interested in.

    From my perspective its about time somebody came up with ad-supported personals. I've seen lots of personals sites in the past (there's no lesbian bars in my neighbourhood), but they are all pay-sites. A free personals site will become an instant sensation over night. Google will be raking in the money from advertising sales, flower and chocolate sales, etc...

    Am I drooling? I think I am...

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