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By Suzanne MacNevin.

Thanks to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Viggo Mortensen, long hair is back in fashion! Across North America and beyond, men are starting to grow their hair long again, something which hasn't happened in abundance since the 60's and 70's. There was a brief bout of long hair popularity during the 1980s and 90s, but it was washed out with "anti-hippie" sentiment from conservative squares.

In response to the squares' refusal to accept long hair during the 1980s however, ear-rings for men became the popular thing. The saying of the day was: "It's to piss off the squares."

How do I know its popular again? Polling baby, polling done by fashion magazines in New York, Toronto, Paris and Hong Kong. All have recently (July 2005) published articles about how long hair is back in style.

These days its more than just an act of rebellion to grow your hair longer, its also very fashionable. During the 1990s army-cuts and the "Ricky Martin-look" was popular, but its pathetic today that people still wear their hair that way. It lacks imagination.

Even worse is men with "mullets", a hair style that dates back to "MacGyver" in 1985. There is quite a few people still wearing that disastrous hairstyle. The mullet grew only the hair at the back longer, which combined with side-burns makes the person look like a complete hick (or someone who still thinks its the 80s)...

The thing about long hair is that its more sexual. It looks unique on every person. The way they are meant to look.

Short hair, whatever variation of short hair a person goes with, the end result is sexual repression. That doesn't mean that all men with short hair are sexually repressed, it simply means they are BEING repressed (or repressing themselves).

In the military, they give people an army-cut in order to take away their identity. You are no longer that guy with the Elvis hair or the guy with the incredibly sexy curls... you are just like everybody else in your unit. Bald. Nothing more than a face with a suppressed personality that tries not to show emotion.

People with Ricky Martin hair or MacGyver mullets are trying to aspire to something they aren't: Singers and movie stars. Movie stars get their hair cut almost daily and are constantly changing their look in order to look different and exciting. Normal people cannot compete with the constant changes they do with their hair, so don't bother.

Not everyone looks good with long hair however. Bruce Willis for example looks much better bald/mostly bald. But he's a rare exception of a bald man who actually looks good that way. Some people look okay with short or medium length hair... But almost all people (provided they aren't naturally bald on the top) look fabulously sexy with long hair. There's something about that mane of hair, almost lion-like or Christ-like, that has a sort of animal magnetism and natural beauty to it.

Hair is naturally beautiful. Its no surprise that more hair = more attractive. In contrast to baldness, it is definitely more attractive. Indeed, according to polling, most women prefer men with medium length to long hair. Short hair comes in 2nd, and baldness, last.

When the movie stars grow their hair long (sometimes its a wig) for a role, the attractiveness level goes up. Brad Pitt's most popular roles has been when he had long hair: As Achilles in "Troy" and also in "Legends of the Fall".

The same can be said for Johnny Depp ("Chocolat" and "Don Juan Demarco", Tom Cruise ("The Last Samurai"), Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in "Lord of the Rings") and a variety of other actors who over the years have inspired people to go towards "the natural/sexy look".

Hey, it worked for Jesus Christ!

Christ on the cross has been a hidden sex symbol for centuries, with his long sexy hair, rugged good looks, clad only a loin cloth and the well-toned muscles of a carpenter. He was naturally charismatic and the long hair must have helped to increase his popularity.

The modern idea of males with short hair is actually an idea that dates back to the Roman military. Short hair and the military have ever since gone hand in hand. During times of war, the government would sometimes impose a draft and a whole army of men would come back from the war with short hair (and often keep it that way).

In the United States, war has been the way of life for centuries. The War of 1812 (when Canada and Britain conquered the USA), the US Civil War, the First World War, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War. And soon, perhaps the Iran War, which will prompt a draft due to the military being over-stretched.

I won't be surprised if a draft happens in the upcoming War in Iran, and I definitely won't be surprised when men come back with short hair AND KEEP IT THAT WAY.

George W. Bush's hairstyle itself is a modernized copy of his father's haircut. He didn't always look like that. He has deliberately cut his hair to make himself look more like his father. It is in essence to win support amongst traditionalists and Republican War-birds.

It's interesting to note how some conservative people get really upset when they see a man with long hair. They think the person is a hippie or gay, and are deliberately rude to that person as a result.

Charles Moffat, the founder of the Lilith Gallery is an artist and has long hair. He is frequently told he looks like a hippie and people frequently assume that because he has long hair and is an artist, "oh, well then he must be gay!" The truth is Moffat isn't gay. He is very much a horny straight male, judging by the fact that he paints nude/partially nude women on a regular basis.

But it is important to note that his hair has played a role in several of his paintings, most notably the "Hermaphroditus/Salmacis Series" in which he did three self-portraits from the rear, with different hair styles that look deliberately feminine. Indeed, the entire series contrasts ideas of men with long hair, childhood, flowers and crying. It is hard to imagine grown men who pick flowers and cry, let alone men who are nostalgic about their childhood.

Long hair is for men what short hair is to women, a choice of lifestyle. Some women prefer to have short hair, or even shave their head. within Moffat's paintings, bald women/women with short hair is a repetitive theme, a deliberate act on his part to create androgynous imagery of both men and women.

People's hair, if given time to grow and kept neatly will eventually which a naturally long state. And that natural state is incredibly sexy and attractive, the way we were meant to be seen.

In our modern day life however, there is a push towards the hairless. Hairless chests, shaved armpits, shaved legs, very short hair and even (GASP!) shaved genitalia!

All of which pushes towards an unnatural, alien aesthetic. It is actually believable that in the future, we may all be bald and totally hairless EVERYWHERE on our bodies.

And that to me, would be totally boring.

So cut your hair differently, grow it long, medium, perm it (men almost never perm their hair!!!), do something wild/natural with it! Don't shave off your chest hair just because thats what fashion models do... grow that rug! Give your woman something to hold onto when you're giving it to her! Women who crave hairless men are control freaks who don't realize they're missing out on a beautiful thing!

The natural male body, provided its not overweight and sluggish from too many donuts (and looks like Jabba the Hutt) is a BEAUTIFUL thing. A physical Adonis of male beauty, capped on top with lush full hair.

Don't Ever Forget It!

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