As an atheist organization, you might think it disrespectful or unusual for us to wish people Merry Xmas... but on the contrary, we adore Xmas. Its the time of year to enjoy spending time with family, celebrate with your friends, welcome new people into the family (whether they were just born or married), and to celebrate peace on earth.

Unfortunately, the latter is sorely lacking.

But the others we highly recommend. Family and friends are very important.

When people think of Xmas, many people put way too much emphasis on two things: Presents, and Jesus Christ.

Well, you shouldn't. Presents are nice and all. They're a great way to show you really care about someone, and depending on the gift, showing that you're paying attention to their wants and needs. If you give them a crappy gift, obviously you weren't paying attention...

As for Jesus Christ, technically the birth of Jesus was in March. It was only moved to December because one of the Roman Emperors said-so, which he did because it would coincide with two other holidays: The Winter Solstice and the Yuletide.

Gift giving isn't even a Xmas celebration. Its a Yuletide tradition. When visiting friends during that time of the year, it was traditional to bring with you a thick log (known as a yule log) as a gift to the friends/family to be thrown on the fireplace and help keep the place warm. If a family received many guests, it felt like a "tide of logs" kept flowing in.

Over the years, people eventually started bringing different gifts instead of logs. They brought food, wine and general gifts, and eventually people wrapped and decorated those gifts.

Furthermore, Yuletide isn't just a single day. Its twelve days (one for every month of the year), and thus the song "The Twelve Days of Xmas" is actually based on the original "Twelve Days of Yuletide". The precise date of the Yuletide varies from culture to culture. Sometimes it was based upon the first major snowfall. Some people pin it down as Dec. 20th to Dec 31st.

Beyond that, if you ignore the origins of the holiday, its really just a nice time of year to spend time with friends and family... inside, where its warm.

Unless you live in Argentina or Australia, in which case its a great time to have a BBQ in the backyard.

Here at the Lilith Gallery, we would also like to emphasize that idea of peace. We wish you all a happy and peaceful Xmas, wherever you may be!

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