New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Five
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Compiled from Newspaper Clippings and edited by Suzanne MacNevin.

George W. Bush Doesn't Care:

United States - Americans are getting a taste of what its like to be at the receiving end of George W. Bush's leadership.

Ask yourself, what has George W. Bush ever done for you?

Well, if you're a senior citizen, he cut your medicare and abandoned senior citizens.

If you're a war veteran, he has cut your pension and your benefits.

If you live in Africa and you have AIDS/HIV, he promised to send medical aid and supplies, but he never delivered.

If you live in Malayasia and Indonesia and other countries hit by the 2004 Tsunami, Bush promised aid to those countries too, but instead changed his mind. He sent only a token amount.

If you're a woman, he has invaded your privacy and looked at your abortion records (which was previously kept private).

If you're black, you probably have a relative in Florida who was denied the right to vote in the 2000 election.

If you're a child, you are now a guinea pig in his school reforms. Reforms which according to the vast majority of teachers will actually just waste money and only confuse children more.

And if you lived in New Orleans before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and if you were there during the anarchy, the murders, the raping and the looting, then you know that George W. Bush is a flat out asshole.

He simply does not give a shit about Americans.

People in New Orleans are poor, and in many cases, they are black. If this had been a disaster in Virginia, or any other place where "white rich people" live, there would have been an immediate emergency response, and it would have been more than adequate.

But because New Orleans is vastly black people, and often poor, the response was so small it was an insult.

And while George W. Bush may have Condolleezza Rice working for him, she is just a figure head. She is a puppet. She's an oil tycoon just like he is. She looks more like Michael Jackson. She certainly does not look like a normal African American.

She should be ashamed to even work for him.

Its not that Bush is evil. Its just that he's lazy and a racist. He gives only "lip service" to the African American community, because saying you believe in equality wins you votes. But in reality George W. Bush doesn't care.

In person, he is a very charming person. He is likeable.

But just because he is charming and likeable, that doesn't mean he isn't also a liar, a cheat, a racist, etc.

Hitler was charming, but he was still evil.

But how does a person define evil? What is "Evil"?

Sometimes it is simply a lack of empathy.

When we talk about serial killers, we tend to call them "cold-blooded", "merciless" and "without any compassion, remorse or feeling". In other words, if we were to use serial killers as the example of ultimate evil, then evil basically means "a lack of humanity".

Where is George W. Bush's humanity?

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