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I found this article online amongst a collection of writings about American colonialism. It really scared me with its underlying racism and fascism. What scared me even more is how it was written in 1985, 20 years ago, and now many of the things he says is becoming reality. It makes me wonder if George Bush also believes the same crap this guy does. American superiority? Sounds like Neo-NAZI stuff to me. Whats also really weird is how this guy uses communism as the excuse, and yet even now that communism has fallen apart, the United States is still doing exactly what he says. Its as if George Bush wants to take over the world, not to protect it from communism or even just plain terrorism, but simply because he can.

Read it and see if it scares you as much as it did me.

-Suzanne MacNevin, Editor

The New Manifest Destiny

Written by George William Bradshaw in 1985

Our natural superiority over other cultures has made the United States the most powerful country in history. Our system of extorting wealth and power from other countries, our ability to take what we want when we want it, and our military ability is without comparison. Not even our communist enemies could withstand our combined wrath. Indeed, we already rule the world. Not directly of course, but through our combined influence. It is that influential ability that will ultimately make us on top of the new world order.

We have the most powerful man in the world, a virtual world dictatorship, under the guise of the President of the United States, but in reality it is more like the President of the Planet. With one phone call, the President of the United States could unleash an armegeddon upon this planet. He could destroy the planet 100 times over with an arsenal of nuclear weapons that is simply unstoppable.

But we don't because we don't want to destroy the world. We want to control it, and control takes much more subtle means.

Economics is the pinpoint, the cornerstone of every culture. Without a strong economy the culture would collapse into anarchy, tyranny and violence. We have seen this in our own country where the poorest parts of the United States also leads to the most violent crimes. Without a strong economy there is no art institutions, no ballet or theatre. The country would be in an economic slump where people are fighting for a home over their heads, food to eat, and safety and security for their families. In order to create a strong economy those three must be raised to a level where the citizens can take them for granted. If a country ensures that its citizens have food, homes and safety then the economy will automatically be stable and grow prosperous.

If a country loses one of its basic measures, such as food, their economy will collapse under the weight of starvation and their country could be easily taken over by an outsider. For example, North Korea has an economy plagued by food shortages. The long-term animosity between the United States and North Korea makes them a logical target to be taken over, but there's nothing in North Korea that we want. They have scarce enough supplies for themselves, and they don't have any oil. v Growing food is not enough, you also have to have the ability to easily and cheaply transport the food. Thats where oil and gasoline comes in. In the United States our own oil reserves are dwindling. According to estimates within the United States we will run out of oil by the year 2008 (sooner if we are forced to use it at a faster rate). Afterwards we will be forced to buy our oil from overseas. It is a national security issue that our oil supply must not be disrupted. If our oil supply becomes endangered we must protect it at all costs, even if it means war.

Our current oil shortages in the United States is related to problems overseas in the middle-east. It is obvious that if we are to find a stable supply of oil to support our economy, that oil will have to come from countries such as Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria and others. Our current diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia are useful with supplying us with oil for now, but that price will certainly go up over long periods of time. We need to secure more vast resources of oil in order to maintain a much cheaper value for the United States economy.

If the price of gasoline goes up so does the price of food. If our people can't afford to drive to the grocery store and buy food because transportation costs have skyrocketed then our economy will go into a depression.

Within a depression we will be vulnerable to attack, our forces will be weakened and divided in the face of communism. We would too easily become enslaved to the communist threat that is spreading around the globe. The average communist is a godless heathen who has no compassion for their fellow man. We would be slaves under the heel of such a tyrant's boot.

Instead we must do what is necessary. We must cut off our current enemies (the communists in Russia) from supplies of oil, cripple their economy and destroy their infrastructure. After their economy has thoroughly been destroyed we can control them through economic sanctions and economic trade. If they are getting too strong we will cut off their supplies and starve them for awhile, then when they are ripe we will turn on the tap again. They will be virtual slaves to the United States.

You can see this working in Cuba where the large African population was used to create a communist regime with promises of equality. The United States cannot tolerate such a communist country so close to our mainland and so we have created economic sanctions against them and crippled their economy. We will keep the communist dogs down where they belong.

In Africa where communism is spreading we must hamper their economy so that they do not become too powerful. Disease is a central problem in the Africa where diseases like malaria are rampant. This is a threat to the third basic need of a strong economy: Safety. By allowing the diseases to spread and grow, the economy of Africa will be weighed down by diseases and make it easy for governments to be easily toppled. It doesn't matter whether they are communist or not, the African continent must not be allowed to grow stronger.

By restricting trade with Africa, and by selling weapons and ammunition to various paramilitary groups the United States keeps Africa in a state of anarchy. Wars constantly raging as Africans kill Africans, all in the name of food, wealth and the pursuit of a safety that will never come so long as we continue to supply weapons to the various factions. Peace is the ultimate enemy to the United States. We cannot allow peace to occur. Africans must be kept in a constant state of war in order to ensure that they never unite.

If the republics of Africa ever united they would have the combined technology, food resources and easy access to uranium in Nigeria that would supply them with nuclear weapons. If Africa unified and became a communist super-power they would be a threat to the safety and security of the United States. By keeping Africa down where they belong we ensure that they will never grow strong enough to threaten the United States.

Our largest threat however is not Africa or Russia, but China. Over the longterm China's economy will grow stronger and stronger. I do not agree with the current president's trade deals with China. Buying products from China only encourages the yellow communist to build more and more until our economy is flooded by things manufactured in China. Already we have too many things that are built in Japan, but now we are starting to see the flood of cheap items coming from China. We should not allow this. We should cut off any contact with China and work harder to impede their economy.

The problem in China is that their economy is already very poor. The people work very hard for very little money in return. Such is the basis of China's communism that the lower classes are kept poor and the upper class controls the wealth, the power and the nuclear weapons. Like Africa, they are poor, but unlike Africa they are already united into one larger country and have nuclear weapons because of it.

The economy in China is so poor that the vast majority of Chinese do not have a car or any kind of motorized vehicle. Thus the method of transporting food is usually done by train. We cannot hamper their economy in the same way we do in Russia or Africa. Cutting off their oil supplies will not destroy their economy. Supplying weapons to paramilitary groups won't work because the country is united under the brand of communism.

Furthermore is the immigration problem in the United States, where we are letting too many Chinese into the country and granting them American citizenship. This too is a threat to our security. How do we do know we are not letting in spies who could steal our technology or perhaps perform acts of terrorism against us? We cannot trust the Chinese. They are too shifty and despite their small size they are still a possible threat.

The only solution I can see with the Chinese problem is war. We will have to bomb their cities with nuclear weapons and shoot down or prevent their nuclear missiles from being fired on our cities. After the fallout we will have to invade immediately and erradicate all forms of communist resistance. Once the United States has secured power from smaller cities that are left untouched then we can force the Chinese to accept capitalism. Over time their economy will strengthen and grow, but we will be forced to hamper their economy from time to time in order to ensure they are no longer a threat to the United States.

Our allies will be fundamental in our ability to control the planet. We must in turn be able to control our allies. People elected in the countries of our allies must be those who are favorable towards the United States and be willing to follow our orders. Therefore we must invest in the economies of our neighbours. Countries like Canada, Brazil and Mexico must be forced to follow our every whim. We must cut off their supplies at the source by investing in their food resources. If their food belongs to us, then we in turn control their economy.

Furthermore, as we are already doing, we can continue to supply food to our allies, but we must make that supply of food more impressive with each growing year so that we flood their markets with cheap high-quality American food and destroy their local food economy. We don't have to do this in whole, but we can attack specific food items like their beef or poultry industry, driving their local beef or poultry farmers out of business. Then when they are driven to buy American grown beef and poultry we will have our allies under the yoke of the American influence.

Progress will happen, but we must hamper and control that progress on a world-wide level if we ever hope to control the combined economies of the planet. At times it will be difficult and we may forced to go to war with rogue nations, but our combined strength and the strength of our allies will eventually win.

As an important part of winning over our allies and our enemies we must also battle one of propaganda and wits. Through music, and movies and art we must convince the people of the world that American Culture is superior and that they should strive to be more like us. Even our religion must become a weapon against our enemies. We must teach people to speak english, read the bible like good Christians should, force them to watch American-style movies and TV shows and brainwash their cultures into believing the United States is the greatest country ever.

Because we are. We really are.

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