Artists & Writers Wanted!!!

The Lilith Gallery and Lilith eZine are looking for talented artists and writers. If you are interested, please email and send us a selection of your work (whether it be artistic or literary).

For Artists: We are looking for sculptors, photographers, printmakers, cartoonists, painters, etc. who create artwork in one of the following themes: Feminism, Gothic Culture and/or Politics.

  • For a better idea of what we are looking for, visit the Lilith Gallery.

    For Writers: We are looking for amateur writers who enjoy writing articles, editorials, essays, rants, biographies on a variety of topics: Automobiles, Business, Economics, Fashion, Feminism, Gothic Culture, Music, Mythology, Paganism, Politics, Religion, Society, Technology, Wicca. Knowledge of website design is NOT required.

  • For a better idea of what we are looking for, visit the Lilith eZine.

    Starting in 2007 writers who wish to contribute regularly to the Lilith eZine will be paid 50% of advertising revenue for all article sites they help to create. The other 50% goes towards server upgrades, advertising, design work and building infrastructure.

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