Looking Back at 2001, Before 9/11
Comparing 2001 Bush to the 2006 Bush
By Suzanne MacNevin
If we look back at 2001, at the first 8 months before September 11th, we can compare the 2001 George W. Bush to the 2006 Bush. There really isn't that many changes.

  • He still goes on vacation a lot.
  • He still reads boring speeches.
  • People still make fun of his sheer stupidity.
  • He still wants to attack Arab countries.
  • And he's still trying to make abortion illegal.

    For example, lets look at the joke below that was circulating the internet back in March 2001. It was deliberately made to look like a newspaper article. In this example, the creator is making fun of Bush's boring speeches.

    The would-be assassin's last name "France" refers to the long history of the Bush family coming to odds with Europe, and in particular France. Bush Sr. had similar diplomatic disputes with France during the Gulf War.

    According to the joke, Bush was so boring that the sniper fell asleep despite a 6-pack of JOLT Cola and a pack of Vivarin tablets.

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