The MacNevin Diet
An one year, pre-planned diet using only raw food, juices, vitamins and three basic exercises.
By Suzanne MacNevin, Bio-Chemist.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Lots of raw vegetables, citrus fruits, bananas, beans, onions, green peppers, berries, etc.
  • Uncle Ben's Converted Natural Long Grain Rice.
  • 1 Rice Steamer (I recommend an easy-to-use Black and Decker rice steamer).
  • All-Purpose Multi-Vitamins.
  • An Protein Supplement Vitamin recommended by your doctor, pharmacist or dietician.
  • 1 year (or more) of your life to invest in making a healthier you.

    Important Notes:

    Like all diets, this diet will not work unless you put the effort into it. You WILL FAIL if you eat extra snacks, go out for junk food or fast food, or don't exercise. This last one is important: If you don't exercise, you aren't properly using the foods you are eating. Instead you will end up storing up energy regardless of what you do.

    Some people think they are fat because of genes. This is both partially right and wrong.

    The gene which is causing you to store up fat is what I call "the caveman gene". Traditional hunters and gatherers during the stone age/ice age/etc rarely ate meat on a regular basis. Their diet was roughly 80% what they managed to find, and roughly 20% fish/meat from fishing/hunting. They tended to go without meat for longer periods of time, and thus their bodies evolved to store up extra energy.

    That extra energy is fat storage. When a hunter and his family killed a deer, they ate the deer. The whole thing (which would take several days of eating), because they might not kill a deer for another month.

    What's this mean for you, you sexy CaveGuy or CaveGirl? Well, it means that your body has adapted and become stronger thanks to evolution. Let me repeat that a different way: You ARE STRONGER. You have the ability to store up extra energy and strength in a short period of time. Other people can't do it.

    Your body, the way it is meant to look, should be like a "Barbarian Prince" or "Amazon Princess". But instead you've been eating too much and not getting the exercise that an "Amazon Princess" needs.

    So that is your genes in a nut-shell. You can't fight it, so you might as well accept it and learn how to use those genes to your advantage. By becoming the "Barbarian" you were meant to be.

    At least as far as your body is concerned.

    With that in mind, you can see there is very little difference between John Candy and Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Both of them have the "CaveMan Gene". John Candy simply was eating too much and not exercizing, and so he died of an obesity-related heart attack. He SHOULD have looked something like "Conan", but did not due to lack of exercise.

    You don't have to have the "CaveMan Gene" for this diet to work for you. It will work regardless.

    The MacNevin Diet follows a 12-day schedule, breakfast, lunch and dinner and requires 20 minutes of exercise every day. This 12 day schedule is repeated for a full year, or until necessary.

    THIS IS NOT A DIET FOR QUITTERS. If you quit after only one month, it means you just don't want it bad enough.

    You could in theory maintain this diet for the rest of your life, and live to a ripe, old age.

    The schedule itself is flexible. You can switch lunch meals with other lunch meals, or even invent your own lunch meals. Likewise for dinner meals.

    Things To Do Before You Begin:

  • #1. Throw out any food items (or give them away) that has the words "diet", "low fat", etc. on them. Why? Because those products are filled with chemicals that clog your arteries and are every bit as dangerous as the regular items. That Diet Pepsi with sweetener is just as bad as regular Pepsi made with sugar. The sweetener will clog your arteries/veins, restrict blood-flow and make it more difficult for your body to energize itself (and thereby make it more painful to exercise or do your daily chores).

  • #2. If you have family and they're not going on the diet with you, then the fridge will become off limits for you. Or mostly off-limits. You may still want to store vegetables, juice and skim milk in there.

  • #3. If your family is also on the diet, then you need to get rid of all the extra food you have in the fridge. I recommend a "pre-diet period" where you simply stop buying food and finish eating up all the leftovers/etc in your fridge. Then, once everything is gone or has been thrown out or given away, you will be one-step closer to being ready to start. When you're done, the only thing stored in the fridge and freezer should be vegetables, fruits, skim milk and juice.

  • #4. Remove all the drapes, shutters, blinds, etc. from your windows. Your body needs light. Light is every bit as "nutritious" and mandatory as food and water. Your "CaveMan" ancestors lived in the light, and so should you. There is one exception to this rule: Your bedroom should be as dark as a cave. Block the windows and all sources of light as much as possible. Buy thick black curtains if you have to.

  • #5. Hide the tv remote control and forget where you put it. Why? For two reasons, number one: You watch too much tv. Number two: If you're going to watch it, you might as well be getting up occasionally and flipping channels manually. Hopefully you might get tired of the process and stop watching tv entirely. You could go for a walk, work outside in your garden, take up painting or a musical instrument (a wind instrument is good for improving your lungs) or go have some hardcore sex with your CaveGuy or CaveGirl mate.


    1 glass of juice, 1 glass of skim milk, your vitamins, one or two pieces of fruit (or a bowl of berries with skim milk). If you're a coffee drinker, you have several choices: Switch to green tea, herbal tea or orange juice (interesting fact: Orange juice is more effective at waking a person up than caffeine is). Caffeine is the second most addictive substance known to man (nicotine is the most addictive). If you're still thirsty afterwards, drink water or green tea.


    Rice is an important part of these meals. It is basically a grain just like wheat or corn, but it tastes better than most grains. Barley for example, tastes horrible.

    You will need to learn how to CLEAN rice however. Its amazing how many people who don't know how to do this properly. Even asian women (who you would think would KNOW how to clean rice!) often don't know how to do it properly.

    If you're serving yourself, take one handful of rice and put it in a bowl (make sure your hands are clean first). If there are multiple people, one handful per person. You can also make extra rice and then just re-steam it or fry it in water later.

    Fill the bowl half-way with warm/medium hot water and then swish one hand around inside the bowl. The water should be comfortably hot, not scalding. You will notice that the water turns milky as you swish. That milky substance is actually soap.

    I've heard some funny stories of people who have actually ADDED soap to their rice and washed it with the soap. That is sheer stupidity. My friend Alex told me of a girl he met in South Korea who just rinsed the rice briefly and then she couldn't figure out why the rice was burning to the bottom of a pan. The Korean girl's english name was "Barbie" and the name suits her because she was seriously stupid.

    Here's why the soap is in the rice. When white rice is made, its bleached that way. They use a strong bleach to wash away the brown outer parts of a rice kernel. Because bleach is an acid however, they can't keep that on the food. It has to be washed off using soap and a small amount of water. Afterwards, the soap is left on there because the only way to get rid of the soap is a lot of water... and if they use water, the rice will absorb the water and will eventually start to rot.

    And so, in order to keep the rice from rotting, its YOUR job to wash the soap off the rice before using it. Because if you're going to use it right away after washing it, then it won't matter if it gets wet.

    The next step is to drain off the soapy water, and then refill the bowl half-way and swish again. You will need to repeat this process several times (I usually do it six times just to make sure) before the water finally runs clear. When that happens the rice is finally clean.

    Afterwards, you just need to follow the instructions on the rice steamer. Myself, I always make extra rice and it takes 45 minutes on my small Black and Decker rice steamer.

    When storing extra rice in your fridge, make sure you cover it up with a lid or GLAD ClingWrap. Rice will stay good for several days in your fridge.

    The following is several dishes you can make using rice:

  • #1. Rice stir-fried with chopped onions and chopped green peppers (don't use the super-spicy kind). Always fry your rice in a small amount of water, not oil. DO NOT use any kind of vegetable oil, margarine or butter. Use only water and maybe a little soya sauce or barbeque sauce to add flavour. This is my personal favourite, and I would argue one of the healthiest and tastiest. I like adding onions to everything I stir-fry, because its the best for making things taste better/sweeter.

  • #2. Rice stir-fried with peas and corn. Corn is so high in fibre its difficult to digest. Often it goes right through you.

  • #3. Rice stir-fried with onions beans. Beans are high in protein and low in fat.

  • #4. Rice stir-fried with four kinds of onions. Check out the different varieties of onions available at your local grocery store. When chopped and fried together with rice, its a very tastey combination.

  • #5. Rice stir-fried with carrots, corn and broccoli.

  • #6. Rice stir-fried with onions plus any other kind of vegetable of your choice.

    About Onions: Believe it or not, your ancestors ate a lot of onions and potatoes. More often it was sweet potatoes/yams, which grow wild. Both onions and yams are plants that grow wild and are easy to gather or cultivate.

    The following is non-rice foods you will want to prepare:

  • #7. Microwaved yams/sweet potatoes. Wash them off, cook them and then peel the skins off (its easier to peel after they're already cooked). Some people like to eat them skins and all.

  • #8. Lettuce and crouton salad. The croutons is an exception to my "no bread rule". Bread is high in carbohydrates and you should be avoiding bread, especially thick breads like bagels. I allow croutons in this case because its only a small amount. I also recommend that you put less than a tablespoon of salad dressing on it (salad dressing is practically pure sugar, so its really a bad idea to be eating any salad dressing at all). My hope is that if you do decide to use salad dressing to make it taste better, then at least use only a little.

  • #9. Any kind of stir-fried vegetables fried in water. This is just plain good for you. You cannot get fat eating vegetables. They're too high in fibre (fibre means they go straight through you and keeps you regular).

  • #10. Any kind of raw fruit or vegetable. This is actually the healthiest, and the way your ancestors ate their food. Raw onions! Yummy!

  • #11. Onion/vegetable soup. Make your own, choose your own vegetable ingredients. Remember to include onions.

  • #12. Fruit slushy. Mix water with chopped up fruit slices and ice. Blend well.

  • #13. Rice/vegetable soup. Leftover rice makes great soup when mixed with other vegetables.

  • #14. Make up your own healthy dinner dish. Its up to you, but keep in mind that raw food is the best, and water stir-fried or steamed is a close second. So use your imagination or do some research on healthy vegetables dishes to eat. Just don't fry anything in grease!

    Drink wise, stick to the same drinks recommended for breakfast. Red wine could be added for supper and don't be afraid to give your children half a glass of wine. It won't get them drunk, but it will encourage them to eat properly and not to over-drink.

    As a special treat, I recommend chocolate milk. There is very little sugar in chocolate milk, and the milk itself is skim milk, which means the fat content is very low too.

    During holiday season, egg-nog is a welcome change and certainly healthy enough. Hot chocolate after being outside in the snow is also okay, provided you're not adding marshmallows or sugar to it.

    Some people will tell you that its okay to eat extra during the holiday season in order to store up extra fat for the winter. WRONG! You already have stored up fat thanks to your "Inner CaveMan", so you don't need to store up extra fat for the winter. You already have plenty thanks to your genes.

    Special Note: NEVER, NEVER go back for second helpings. Anything that is left over is officially leftovers and should be used for making soup or re-frying later. Rice/onion stirfry is surprisingly tasty, but just because its a "diet food" doesn't mean you should go back and eat a double helping. That would be like eating five "SlimFast Chocolate Bars" when you only need one.

    When Exercising: If you're hiking in the mountains, going for a walk, exercising outdoors or even just sweating in the sun and trying to get a tan and want something to drink: Cranberry juice (or grape juice, or some other kind of "non-citrus juice"). Why? Because Gatorade has sugar in it, along with sodium (its the sodium that you need when exercising). Cranberry or grape juice has natural sodium in it. Citrus juices don't have as much sodium. When you sweat, your body loses sodium. Your ancestors ate berries or grapes while out hunting, so they understood the value of the sodium in those plants (even if they didn't know why).

    Visiting Friends: If you visit friends and they offer you food, take one. Thats it. Just one. A small one. Its a willpower test. If you fail this willpower test then you're not trying hard enough. Your inner CaveMan has won the battle and you have lost. This "one treat" is not going to make or break your diet, but if you over-indulge and have five, then you're in trouble. You might as well club yourself over the head and ask someone to drag you back to your cave by your hair!

    If you're having a whole meal at a friends or relatives, the same rule applies. Take one small portion of everything, except for the desserts. Avoid the dessert tray entirely. When drinking, drink milk, water, juice or red wine.

    About Alcohol: Red wine is the best for you, health wise. In theory you could have one small glass before bed every night. Its actually quite good for you. If you have a drinking problem, drink non-alcoholic hot cider before going to bed. Hot cider is usually sold in packets in the same food aisle as hot chocolate.


  • #1. Touch your toes, or try to. Every day, for 5 seconds you should try to touch your toes. This isn't really an exercise. Its just stretching. Its also a way (later on) to measure how much weight you've lost. If you know other stretches, do those too. Do them every morning, every night, and before & after every meal. The stretches help you to get blood flowing and create greater flexibility.

  • #2. Jump. I know that may sound silly, but thats it. Do jumping jacks, hop in one place, jump over things, run and try to do long jumps... whatever you do, do it for at least 10 to 30 minutes every day (including sundays!). Why? Because even a small hop causes EVERY muscle in your body to move. Even your groin muscles move when you so much as hop. So get out there and jump. Myself, I can now vault over fences and couches.

  • #3. Pick an exercise that you like and do it for 10 to 30 minutes EVERY DAY. It could be running, jogging, aerobics, biking, swimming or even playing tag with your kids in the park.

  • Bonus: Sex. Don't laugh, but sex is important, but not because its a calorie burner. Sex doesn't burn as many calories as people think. You would have to be doing some pretty wild, funky stuff like having sex standing up with the girl's legs wrapped around his thighs to be burning lots of calories (meaning the guy is literally carrying the girl on his legs and fucking her at the same time). MOST people can't do that. They'd fall over or have trouble getting his penis into position. So don't worry about burning calories during sex, that is not the point.

    No, the reason why I am recommending sex is because it reduces stress. It makes you feel healthier and more alive. And its not a placebo, it actually reduces stress-related hormones in your blood. Those hormones don't need to be there all the time. Too much hormones in your blood is just added "weight" in your blood system. The purpose of this diet is to rid your blood system of all the "extra elements" that are clogging up your system.

    And besides you'll feel better without those depressing hormones anyway.

    If sex isn't an option, for whatever reason, I recommend that you masturbate at least twice per day (but no more than 5 times). Again, for the same reason: To get rid of stress. If you're looking for a specific time, I recommend while in the shower in the morning and right before you go to bed.

    Sleeping and Sex:

    If you can, take a siesta after eating lunch every day. 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length. The siesta will help you digest your food better.

    At night, you should aim to go to bed early and be awake by 6 am (or perhaps as early as 5 am). Its like Benjamin Franklin once said "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." You may not be a "morning person" right now, but that can actually change over time. Once your biological clock starts getting used to your new sleeping pattern, you feel healthier and actually start to enjoy waking up so early.

    If you're married, I recommend sex before you sleep, every day. If not, masturbate once before you go to sleep. The combination of sex and red wine mentioned above is very good for you. It will help you to sleep better and feel better the next day.

    Having sex in the morning is also recommended (you may want to brush your teeth/use mouthwash beforehand). It will help you to wake up and you will feel more alert and stress-free during the day. If your shower is roomy, I also recommend having a "DoggyStyle ShowerFuck" every morning. I know that sounds crude, but its a lot of fun and its good for your relationship. (Lack of sex can put a lot of stress on a relationship and results in improper eating, cheating and adultery.)

    Jet Lag: If you travel and get jet lag, try to sleep as much as possible on the plane. Drink as much red wine as you safely can (it will help you sleep). After the flight, as soon as possible try to get back to your old schedule of getting up early.

    After the Diet is Over:

  • #1. If you've completed a year on this diet, you will have several choices: You may want to continue this diet and lose more weight, or you may want to continue it simply because you've discovered its a healthier and more natural way to eat. You can start adding small amounts of meat to your stir-fry dishes and your soups. Chopped up pieces of cooked chicken, roasted ham, etc taste very good with the rice and onions.

  • #2. If you don't want to continue the diet, don't immediately go back to your old ways of eating. A sudden dietary change and your CaveMan genes will kick in and you'll start gaining weight again. My suggestion is that you maintain eating this way, but occasionally substitute certain foods that you like. Chocolate for example. But don't over-indulge. Your inner CaveMan is itching to break free. You need to club him over the head and force him to eat his veggies!

  • #3. Never go to McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant ever again. Ever their salads are fattening.
  • #4. Keep up the exercises or start doing even more. You will be healthier and maybe want a challenge. Take up mountain climbing, hiking or camping. Something that gets you outside and you enjoy every second of it.

  • Learn to embrace your inner CaveMan.

    Eat your veggies and you too will run fast!

    You need exercise to get a body like this. You have the genes. Do you have the willpower?

    Find your "Inner Amazon" and you will be surprised at the results.

    You don't have to live in a cave...

    You don't have to drag your man back by the hair...

    And you don't have to dress like one!

    Fruits, soy sauce and my handy Black and Decker rice steamer. I find it relaxing to wash the rice and turn the rice steamer on as soon as I get home. The warm water is soothing and sensual (and strangely sexual...). I then let it steam for 45 minutes, and then after frying the rice up with vegetables I am ready to eat.

    Chopped onions and pan of water. I do not use any kind of cooking oil or grease. I fry my vegetables in water. Soy sauce or barbeque sauce is sometimes added for flavour. I've also tried adding tomato soup, which tastes quite good.

    Onions and steamed rice fried together with WHATEVER vegetables you want to add. These photos are just for demonstration. My personal favourite is a mild green pepper that has been diced up into small pieces.

    Fry it on medium heat until most of the water is gone.

    And serve. Ideally you will want lots of other vegetables added to this, but this is just a demonstration picture.

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