The Canadian Sex Industry
A Look At Canadian Sex, Prostitution, Gay Rights and the World's Largest Penis
By Victoria Van Dyke
A little known fact about Canada: Prostitution and brothels are legal. In Canada, it is perfectly legal for consenting adults to exchange money for sex. What is illegal is the process of "asking for sex in exchange for money". Strange law, but thats how it is. You're not allowed to ask.

And so when an American crosses the border into Canada they regularly see two things: Casinos, and erotic massage parlours. "Erotic Massage" is just a fancy way of saying "sex for money". Canadian brothels try to remain low key so that they don't disturb the yuppies (meanwhile the yuppie husband is getting it off downtown once a week with a girl who wears heels to bed).

Just so long as the wife doesn't find out and the yuppie husband wears protection, everything's okay.

In fact, Canada is so liberal sometimes its disturbing.

A male can come to Canada and pay to have sex with an eighteen-year-old boy or girl. Just so long as they're a "consenting adult".

Or, they can come to Canada and get married to a sixteen-year-old boy or girl (the legal age for marriage without parental-consent is 16, and gay-marriages are legal in Canada).

Furthermore, while paying for sex or getting married you can smoke some Mary-Jane. Cannabis is currently becoming legal in Canada too. Its already legal for medicinal purposes.

Oh, and before I forget... toplessness is legal in Canada too. Women can go topless in public.

In the words of an American friend whom I explained this to: "Holy Shit, I'm moving to Canada!"

And he did. True story!

Soft drugs and hard sex isn't all that Canada is about, but you have to wonder sometimes if Canada is just plain "a nation of hippies".

Canada has the lowest crime rate in North America, it has free healthcare, a government that spends very little on the military, its envied as one of the cleanest/most environmentally friendly countries in the world, and its economy is actually BETTER than the US economy.

So if you're looking for a left-wing place to have some fun, blow some money at some casinos, fuck an 18 year old chick in the shower (or any other sexual fantasies), make your own porn movies, or smoke a doobie in public, run around with topless chicks in public... move to Canada.

Its a funny thing too. When most Americans think about Canada, they usually don't think about SEX. They think snow and igloos, and its such a farce because nothing could be further from the truth. I live in Canada and I've never even SEEN an igloo. We only have snow for two months of the year (more if you go really far north).

Canada is the second largest country in the world, with temperate southern parts and more colder northern parts. 96% of Canadians live in the temperate areas. We have beaches (and thanks to our topless rights, they're ALL considered "topless beaches"), sand and bikinis.

And if that's not convinced you of how "sexual" Canadians are, stop and look at the Canadian National Tower (the CN Tower) in Toronto. It is the world's largest phallic symbol (phallic means "penis shaped"). Its also the world's tallest free-standing building.

So the next time you think about Canada, don't think about snow. Think SEX! Its hotter than you think. :)

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