Bill Clinton's
Manifest Destiny

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I wrote the following article back in 1999. It seems strangely prophetic now after years of being bogged down in Iraq.

Back in the 1800s, American politicians were preaching something they called 'Manifest Destiny' -the American Destiny (and therefore right) to conquer all of America, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast. At the time there was even arguments that the US should attack and conquer Canada and Mexico too. In coming years the term would often be used to describe the United States attacking other nations and force them to live they way they do. Because the American Way is superior.

The philosophy is quite similar to Nazism frankly. Where the National Socialists strove to raise up their so-called 'master race', the United States strove to raise up their so-called 'master society' by conquering other lands, from Hawaii to Guam to Panama. Later on to build various other military bases around the globe.

In this day and age however, a country simply can't pounce on another country unless they have a pretty good excuse. To do so would make your country look like a world-wide bully who's too big for their breeches.

Now lets pause and look at Iraq. In the late 1980s, Kuwait tapped into Iraq's pipelines and stole Iraqi oil. Iraq found out and demanded that Kuwait pay for the stolen oil. They asked for a very large amount, but since the oil was hot (meaning stolen, much like a stolen car that you want to get rid of quickly) Kuwait sold it to the US for a fairly low price. A drop in the bucket compared to the fact that a good chunk of the oil the USA uses already comes from Kuwait and the Gulf Region. Kuwait refuses to pay, Iraq therefore attacks and takes over Kuwait.

The US suddenly finds themselves cut off from one of their major oil supplies. Oil prices, if you remember those years, skyrocketed. The public demanded that the government lower oil tariffs, in order to get a cheaper price for gas. This would result in a loss in government revenue. President Bush had a different idea... Instead of lowering taxes, Bush declared war on Iraq. The goal of Operation Desert Storm may look good on paper, but the underlying fact is that the US used it as a excuse to bomb Iraqi civilians, and thereby free Kuwait and get back their oil. After a huge number of civilian deaths, Iraq agrees to a ceasefire on the agreement that they build no more nuclear/biological weapons.

A trade barrier is set up around Iraq, so that Iraq's economy suffers. They can't sell oil to other countries. The reason behind this is so Iraq will find it difficult to rebuild their technology, and can't trade for the raw materials that they'll need to make nuclear/biological weapons. The trade barrier agreement is set to go down in January 1999. Iraq also sold oil to the US, so oil prices never went down since the US was suddenly cut off from a different oil supply.

Meanwhile the American citizens forget about lowering taxes because they now have a measure of national pride for kicking a puny little country like Iraq around.

NOTE: When the trade barriers go down, Iraq will have a eight year surplus of oil that they can dump on the world market. Oil prices will plummet, a large number of Americans will be put out of work, and a depression very well might develop. With the current Asian and South American economic problems and the US's close ties with both, they could be sucked down into one of the greatest depressions of all time.

The United Nations sends specialists to inspect Iraq's facilities, to make sure they don't have the technology to build such weapons. Iraq agrees, but only on the condition that they don't send any Americans. The reason is because Hussein believes his people might attack the Americans (whom many believe to be untrustworthy spies), and thereby spark another international incident.

In 1998, President Clinton demands that his Americans have a right to be present there during the inspections. Hussein disagrees and Clinton threatens war. Hussein agrees to let them in but warns them again that he doesn't want another war. Later the inspectors see that file cabinets have been recented emptied and all their files destroyed. They also see a large number of troops and helicopters being moved. Is this security measures in case someone tries to kill the Americans, or is Iraq trying to cover something up?

Dec 16th, 1998 - With no definite proof that Iraq had the technology to build such weapons, Clinton uses this as an excuse to bring the spotlight off his impeachment proceedings, stall for time, and back into the international spotlight. He bombs Iraqi civilians less than half a month before the trade barriers go down.

NOTE: Iraq never attacked the US. Iraq never threatened the US. Iraq never did anything to the US except sell them oil.

NOTE AGAIN: Clinton said that the missiles were targeting mostly chemical/biological/nuclear facilities. MOSTLY? Mostly could mean only 60% of them. What about the other 40%? And why is all the reports we here telling us that people are waking up to the sound of a missile exploding in their backyard? Are the Americans deliberately targeting civilians? Or are the Americans simply lousy shots?

CONCLUSION: The United States is pouncing on a small country like Iraq because of oil prices. Care to bet President Clinton and former President Bush both have shares in oil companies? What other countries has the US pounced on in the past? Canada (the US lost however and the Canadians burnt down the White House in retribution), Spanish Mexico, Hawaii, Guam, various other Pacific islands, Panama, Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Israel, the list goes on and on.

'Manifest Destiny' apparently is still part of American Society. In a country where there is more gun dealers than gas stations, its a small wonder they're so trigger happy.

Even though I wrote that 8 years ago (its now January 2007), it still provides some good provocative thoughts. I remember liking George Bush (senior) before I learned that he was actually an oil tycoon. I liked Clinton too before I learned he was just as sneaky as Bush. Now the whole system makes me dubious.

And with the rise of George W. Bush and the possibility that Hillary Clinton may also have oil stocks, it really makes me wonder why we even bother to have elections? If the oil industry is controlling both sides of the political playing field then we're really just letting Big Oil do whatever they want.

When Clinton bombed Kosovo it was another issue that bothered me. The whole thing smelled bad, like something was going on and Clinton wasn't telling everyone what it was. Yes, we knew there was genocide going on over there, but we also knew that the US was attacking civilian targets like children's schools, crowded shopping malls, bridges and so on. Now I can appreciate the strategic value of bombing a bridge, so that the enemies tanks can't get across, but what is the strategic value of bombing a school full of children?

I'll tell you what it is: Terror. The goal is to terrorize and demoralize the enemy by killing or threatening their families.

Now we can't say for certain the Clinton ordered those attacks. Maybe thats just the way the American military works. They just seem to enjoy bombing civilians. It was the same in the Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and the Iraqi War. If we go back farther its true of Vietnam too. Americans just love bombing everything they see.

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