George Bush Senior and Iraq's Oil

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By Suzanne MacNevin - Written in 2003 - Updated in 2007.

George Bush Senior SHOULD have got rid of Saddam Hussein in 1991. Its 13 years too late now and hundreds of thousands of people have died for his stupidity.

When Bush Sr. pulled out of Iraq it was for the same reason America pulled out of Vietnam. In 1991 Dick Cheney was Vice-President and convinced Bush that it would be too costly to invade Iraq. The populace would never accept American rule and be in a constant state of revolt.

There would have been no argument about whether Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" back then. He did have them, and he used them on Iraqis who had helped the Americans in the Gulf War.

You see, the Americans made a deal with a large number of Iraqis that they would help them overthrow Saddam after the Gulf War was over. But they never did. So these disappointed Iraqis returned home as traitors, and Saddam used the last of his sarin nerve gas on them, killing them all.

But where did Saddam Hussein get the Sarin nerve gas?

Well, President Ronald Reagan gave it to him several years before. After the United States helped Saddam into power in 1980, they gave him 30,000 lbs of sarin nerve gas and told Saddam to use it against the Iranians. In return, the Iraqis sold America a large quantity of oil. Oil for weapons. Fun Fun Fun.

Years later, Reagan also gave nerve gas to the Iranians... and told them to use it against the Iraqis. In return Iran gave America oil. Oil for weapons. Fun Fun Fun.

Needless to say, the Iran-Iraq war was a horrible massacre of people nerve gassing other people.

The war ended and both Iran and Iraq were still in power of their own countries. (Which raises the interesting point, nerve gas isn't really an effective means of war. Its really only a terrorist tactic.)

Oops. Apparently the plan to have them kill each other had failed.

So when Iraq attacked Kuwait, it seemed like a great idea. Hey lets attack Iraq and maybe we can get some oil out of this. The previous plan didn't work.

Except Saddam knew what we wanted (oil) so he torched all of Kuwaits oil fields. It took YEARS to put the fires out.

But when the moment came to attack Baghdad and remove Saddam, Bush Senior didn't do it.

Instead he left Saddam alone and sent in weapons inspectors to take away any sarin gas that was left over. The inspectors took what was left and did extra searches to make sure there wasn't any "extra" sarin gas hiding somewhere. They searched for many years, until 1997 when Saddam kicked the inspectors out, saying they weren't there for WMD anymore, they were just spies.

Which was true. Clinton admitted that. He admitted that they had been spies and that they were looking for weapons of mass destruction. (Which was their jobs as inspectors anyway.)

It is these same spies who said "well, there MIGHT be WMD in Iraq... but we haven't found any proof of any".

It was these same spies who George W. Bush later used as evidence that Saddam had WMD that "could be launched within 45 minutes".

Except they were never launched.

In fact, no evidence of weapons of mass destruction have ever been found.

The only thing they found were some "short range ballistic missiles", which would be classified as "weapons of SMALL destruction" and are about as big and as deadly as a car bomb. Thats fairly small compared to the weapons of MASS destruction that Bush and his spies claimed Saddam had.

So WHY did we finally attack Iraq?

If the only thing they possibly could have is sarin gas (which we gave to them), and all of that has apparently already been used up, then Bush's excuse of attacking for WMD isn't really working.

I've got a better reason.

And the funny thing is that this reason is out in the open, right on the CIA website!

You see, I went to the CIA website recently to look up the population of China. The CIA World Factbook is very useful for finding information.

While I was there I decided (just for fun) to look at the stats for the United States too.

It has everything on it... population, death rate, birth rate, religions, etc...

And then I got down to the section about oil production, oil consumption and oil reserves... they even have graphs on it.

  • Oil - production: 7.61 million bbl/day (2005) [Old Stat: Oil - production: 8.054 million bbl/day (2001)]
  • Oil - consumption: 20.03 million bbl/day (2003) [Old Stat: Oil - consumption: 19.65 million bbl/day (2001)]
  • Oil - exports: 1.048 million bbl/day (2004)
  • Oil - imports: 13.15 million bbl/day (2004)
  • Oil - proved reserves: 22.45 billion bbl (January 1st 2002)

    And I realized... wait a minute... they don't have a lot of oil left, do they?

    I did some quick math and even double checked with a calculator to make sure I was right.

    The United States uses more oil than they actually produce. The rest of their oil comes from other countries like Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

    If they continue producing oil at 7.61 million barrels per day and use all of that... that means that they use 2.77 billion barrels of their own oil per year. And they import even more oil from other countries to make up the deficit...

    But they only have 22.45 billion barrels of their own oil left. (Which should be down roughly 13.85 billion by January 1st 2007, meaning there is only 8.6 billion barrels left in 2007.)

    I was shocked and I realized what was happening. Depending on production levels, the US will run out of oil in roughly 8 to 12 years and will DEPEND ENTIRELY on other countries for their oil. (You will note if you compare the new oil production statistic vs the old oil production statistic that the US has indeed cut oil production, by roughly 0.2 billion/year.)

    When George W. Bush went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq... he thought he HAD to. The oil companies are desperate for new sources of oil. America is desperate for new sources. Without Iraqi oil, the United States would likely face economic collapse during the next decade. Now that we have Iraqi oil, Bush has managed to save our bacon. (Or has he?)

    That still doesn't mean it was right to do so however. Attacking another country just for its oil is still bad.

    So I decided to check out the stats for Iraq.

  • Oil - production: 2.093 million bbl/day (2005) [Old Stat: Oil - production: 2.452 million bbl/day (2001)]
  • Oil - consumption: 351,500 bbl/day (2005) [Old Stat: Oil - consumption: 460,000 bbl/day (2001)]
  • Oil - exports: 1.42 million bbl/day (2005)
  • Oil - imports: Zero imports. (2005)
  • Oil - proved reserves: 112.5 billion bbl (2005) [Old Stat: Oil - proved reserves: 113.8 billion bbl (2003)]

    Iraq does have other oil reserves too, but they have not been explored and it is uncertain as to how much oil Iraq actually has. Best estimates suggest Iraq has 90% of the world's oil reserves, but nobody knows for sure how much they really have.

    At Iraq's current rate of production (761.85 million barrels/year) they won't run out for over a hundred years. But they could dramatically increase the rate of production. The USA uses more than that in less than 2 months (the US uses 1.2 billion barrels for every 2 month period) so its a safe bet the USA will be interested in it. China is also interested in Iraq's oil.

    Electric and hydrogen fuel-cell cars are starting to look really good right now. We don't have much choice either. We either convert quickly to hydrogen fuel-cells, or we simply run out of oil.

    The pumps may simply run dry.

    And the United States isn't the only country that is low on oil. Britain and Canada will run out of oil reserves around the same time too. Mexico too.

    I decided to check how other countries were doing...

    Russia (at current production levels) has 20 years of oil left. They have a relative surplus of oil and currently sell quite a bit to Europe and the United States.

    China currently buys one third of their oil. The other two thirds come from their own substantial reserves. If they maintain production and continue to buy extra oil, they have 22 years left.

    Afghanistan has no oil reserves. They rely entirely on oil that is shipped through American owned pipelines that now run through their country.

    Great Britain/The United Kingdom has only 5 years left based on current production levels.

    France buys most of their oil. If France was dependent on itself for all its oil, it would run out in half a year.

    Germany buys most of their oil. They would run out in a year if they were solely dependent on themselves.

    Australia uses very little oil and produce most of their own oil. They have enough to last 13 years.

    Japan is so dependent on foreign oil that it would run out in a month if it was dependent on itself.

    Canada's supply of oil at current levels will only last 4 years. If Canada stopped selling its oil to the United States, it might last 8 years.

    Thankfully now we have access to extra oil from the pipelines in Afghanistan and the oil wells in Iraq.


    Alternative names

  • GB
  • Zarin
  • Phosphonofluoridic acid, methyl-, isopropyl ester
  • Phosphonofluoridic acid, methyl-, 1- methylethyl ester
  • Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate
  • Isopropyl ester of methylphosphonofluoridic acid
  • Methylisoproposfluorophosphine oxide
  • Isopropyl Methylfluorophosphonate
  • O-Isopropyl Methylisopropoxfluorophosphine oxide
  • O-Isopropyl Methylphosphonofluoridate
  • Methylfluorophosphonic acid, isopropyl ester
  • Isoproposymethylphosphonyl flouride

    Sarin, a colorless and odorless gas, has a lethal dose of 0.5 milligram for an adult. It is 26 times more deadly than cyanide gas and is 20 times more lethal than potassium cyanide. Just 0.01 milligram per kilogram of body weight a pinprick sized droplet will kill a human. The vapor is slightly heavier than air, so it hovers close to the ground. Under wet and humid weather conditions sarin degrades swiftly, but as the temperature rises up to a certain point, sarinís lethal duration increases, despite the humidity. It works a bit like the nerve poison of a rattlesnake, only deadlier.

    The gas when released maintains its deadliness for 8 hours on a cold day or 30 minutes on a hot day (depending on humidity). VX is worse. Its deadly for 3 to 8 days. Because sarin's effectiveness is dependent on humidity, it is usually kept contained in a freezer. Protecting against sarin is difficult because it can enter the nervous system through the skin.

    The first time sarin gas was used in war was when Winston Churchill gassed and bombed the Kurds.

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