The Rise of Bush NAZI-ism

What is a "Bush NAZI"? Well, it a person who ridicules other people who don't like Bush and calls them "unpatriotic" or "disloyal".

Adolf Hitler strongly believed in patriotism and loyalty to ones country. They waved flags and chanted "Gott Speichern Deutschland!" (God Save Germany!), but now in the United States people wave American flags and shout "God Save America". There's even a song by that name.

So imagine it if you can, or remember it if its happened to you. You're talking to what you think is a perfectly nice american, when suddenly the topic of George W. Bush comes up. And the Bush NAZI starts making fun of people who are anti-Bush.

What did the NAZIs do to people who didn't support Hitler? Well, they made fun of them. Some of them even attacked people who were anti-Hitler. Eventually the anti-Hitler people became more quiet, out of fear, or simply left Germany, out of fear.

Did you know that Americans (small numbers of them) have actually been leaving the United States because they are afraid to stay in the United States? They are actually afraid of Bush and what Bush symbolizes! Is history repeating itself?

Hitler once said "Our people must be peaceful and courageous at the same time!" Translated from German of course, but he actually used the words "peaceful" in order to argue in favour of war.

George W. Bush has done the same thing. He has said "Nobody likes a war, but we must do this thing because we have to. It is the right thing to do."

Hitler attacked Russia and France because he was AFRAID of Capitalist Jews and Russian Communists.

Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq because he was AFRAID of Arab terrorists.

Both men have claimed to be against war, but went to war anyway. And for what? To kill Jews? To kill Arabs? To find weapons of mass destruction that don't exist? And so is HISTORY REPEATING itself? Are Americans blind to the fact that their leader is a president leading them towards war and Arab-genocide?

Just as Germans thought Hitler was just a patriot? (And a vegetarian who liked to dance.)

The German people were tricked by Hitler into thinking he was a nice man (and ignored Hitler's goal of Jewish-genocide).

Have Americans been tricked by Bush? Many Americans assume Bush is stupid, but is he secretly an evil genius? Or is he just a figurehead, and Dick Cheney is the smart one, and Dick tells Bush what to do and say? Or it the oil companies who tell Bush what to say? Dick Cheney and Bush both own stocks in oil companies. All of Bush's administration owns oil stocks.

Have Americans ignored Bush's plan for domination of the world oil market?

Foreign leaders don't want to accuse Bush of being a dictator who is copying Hitler and using gestapo tactics. That would be a serious insult. But I am not a leader of a nation. I don't have to worry about being "re-elected". But I do worry when I see American soldiers being killed in a war they don't believe in. I do worry about Arabs being killed because a man in a different country wants their oil.

North Korea HAS weapons of mass destruction. They admit to it. But North Korea doesn't have oil, so Bush is not interested in attacking North Korea. And North Korea isn't filled with Arabs either.

That doesn't mean Bush should attack them either. North Korea only made those weapons in order to protect themselves against American aggressors.

Negotiations, while slow, is always the best way to go.

United States Censorship, painting courtesy of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

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