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Awful Roster of Shows

By Suzanne MacNevin - 2008.

Is it just me or has the CBC really slipped in quality in the last 2 years?

Ever since Stephen Harper took office the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, owned and operated by the Canadian Federal government, seems to have slipped badly.

Currently the best shows available on the CBC are:

Hockey Night in Canada - Hockey in general has gone downhill since Gretsky retired. Don Cherry barely manages to keep the show lively by commenting on the regular fighting on the ice.

Little Mosque on the Prairie - Basically the best entertainment show on the CBC, and now available in 50+ other countries.

jPod - The new hit comedy based on a Douglas Coupland book. Funny, but not for kids.

The National - Award winning unbiased news. Usually bad news.

The Simpsons - Classic reruns.

So what shows are really stinking up the CBC? Well, here is a list:

The Rick Mercer Report - All gag and very little punch, the Rick Mercer Report is now the equivalent of "On The Road Again" with Wayne Rostad. Rick Mercer basically travels around Canada, meets people and makes an ass of himself. Yawn. What happened to the hard hitting comedy-journalism? I'll tell you what happened: Stephen Harper told Rick Mercer to cool it or he is out of a job. Poor Rick's career is going down the crapper because he doesn't know how to stand up for himself.

This Hour has 22 Minutes - Another case of farce journalism which is going south of the border. They've lost both Rick Mercer and Shaun Majumder, and like the plights of the Rick Mercer Report they've been told to pull their punches and the result is stagnant humour which, frankly, isn't that funny.

Air Farce Live - The worst of the three, The Royal Canadian Air Farce has become so lame and boring in recent years they have tried to spice it up by taping live shows in an effort to bring back viewers. But the comedy still sucks and like the two above has became a lame duck.

MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives - A new show loosely based on "Desperate Housewives" with a backdrop of hunky hockey players. I jokingly refer to this show as "Most Valuable Prostitutes: The Secret Lives of Hockey Sluts". It takes lameness to a whole new level as the women prance (and slut themselves) about giving women a bad name. I think the CBC knew Stephen Harper likes hockey (like the majority of Canadian males) and is trying to sucker in male viewers with scantily clad sluts who dig any guy wearing a hockey jersey.

The Border - This one draws groans whenever I mention it to friends and co-workers. The Border is based on an elite security squad guarding Canada's borders against terrorists, except one problem: There is no such thing as an elite security border squad. Not even the USA has such a squad. Completely fictional plots, utter lameness and makes me wonder if Stephen Harper's speech writers are now writing pilots for the CBC. (I think we're seeing a trend here, don't you?)

The rest of the CBC is basically middle of the road generic television with such staples as Canada AM, the various news shows, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, a variety of children's shows and CBC Sports.

Then there is also the matter of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. Mr Suzuki has been making new documentaries, but he hasn't really made any about the one pressing issue that has everyone excited: Global Warming and Climate Change. Which makes me wonder, why not? Oh wait, Harper's minority government doesn't believe global warming/etc is real. That's why. This is what happens when a publicly funding television channel has it's budget directly tied to the current government.

It is my firm belief that CBC has gone downhill because shit from Ottawa is rolling downhill in the form of watered down television and poor choices in an attempt to appease Stephen Harper's minority government. You'd think that during a Hollywood writers strike in the USA that we would capitalize on the situation and make some seriously good programming that we can sell south of the border but instead we have a lot of crap with very few cherries to brag about. Yes, that was a Don Cherry pun.

It sucks and I don't want to watch it. You'd think that with all the hot talent coming out of Canada we'd be able to create some good quality shows, but instead it is a bunch of watered down crap.

Thank god we can all change the channel.

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