The Canadian Responsibility

A popular idea known as "Manifest Destiny" swept the United States during the Nineteenth Century. This idea promoted the belief that the nation had a divine mission to spread from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, opening the continent to American Settlement. James K. Polk was elected the eleventh U.S. President in 1844 because of his support for Manifest Destiny. Polk acquired the Oregon Territory from Great Britain by treaty, and most of the American Southwest , including California, New Mexico, and Arizona, by provoking a war with Mexico. By the end of Polk's administration, Manifest Destiny had been achieved.

In the 20th and 21st centuries however, the ideas behind "Manifest Destiny" began to take shape as American expansionism and resulting conflicts in Germany, Panama, Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq. The results have in effect made the United States an "Empire". American Imperialism seems to drawing to a close. The United States has made many enemies due to its aggressive imperialism and it has resulted in terrorism.

Canada however is not an empire.

Canada doesn't go around provoking wars and getting terrorists in response.

Instead Canada is a multi-cultural haven respected around the world for its peacefulness.

And as such a multi-cultural haven, Canada has a responsibility, a rather unusual responsibility. It must promote peace and understanding amongst all countries and cultures.

Canadians have always felt the need to promote peace overseas. Something about our culture makes it almost a "duty" that we must be peaceful AND promote peace for others.

The multi-cultural leaders of the world.