Welcome to Ontario!
Where the CN Tower isn't the only thing that is High!
DISCLAIMER: We would like to point out that we are actually AGAINST pot-smoking (or any other kind of drug habit). If it was up to us, we'd make tobacco smoking illegal. We just find it interesting/funny that Canada's liberalism goes to such extremes. Two 16 year old lesbians can marry each other in Canada, smoke pot, have an abortion and walk around topless all on the same day.

That's right folks! Smoking pot in Ontario is legal. Just across the Canadian/American border is the province of Ontario: The Land of Pot, where you can smoke as much as you can buy and its legal. (If you live in western United States you could go to British Columbia instead.)

Pot-smoking will ruin your lungs too, but at least you will feel friendly and happy when you're coughing up a lung. :)

Please download the following video, which is a promotional ad/joke from the Ontario government. So yes, visit Toronto, the capitol of Ontario, buy a bong or two and stay as long as you can and smoke as much you want. You're just not allowed to smoke in restaurants or pubic places however, so keep that pot and anything else you smoke outside.

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A Place to Live! A Place to Grow! Ontario!
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But what does it mean now that the northern neighbour of the United States is flaunting its pot-growing abilities? Actively promoting it no less!? Pot is currently prohibited in the United States, but will that soon change? Will George W. Bush make pot legal? Don't forget, he snorted cocaine (and probably still does) so to him, pot is not really worth the trouble. He might legalize ALL drugs in the States.

Including oil sniffing! :p

This has been a message from someone who doesn't smoke pot, but endorses the rights of others to ruin their lungs if they so wish to! Have fun and don't smoke near me, I can't stand the stench! Smoking near me is like asking to get punched in the stomach. I WILL hit you!

Suzanne MacNevin
Assistant-Curator of the Lilith Gallery.

Capitalism Perverts Reality, painting courtesy of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.
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