Barcode Scanners

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Barcodes are helpful for merchants and consumers alike. Barcodes are essentially a series of lines and numbers that help to categorize, price, and inventory merchandise. The use of barcode scanners helps to take that information and accurately and quickly put it into a database. Barcode scanners make buying and returning items much easier and faster for both the employees of any particular store, and for their customers. There are several different types of barcode scanners, but all generally serve the same purpose. It really depends on the needs of the warehouse or store, as well as the item’s requirements as far as size. Cost is also a factor for many companies seeking to purchase one or several barcode scanners. All of these scanners use an LED light which reads the barcode on any one item. Laser scanners, and sometimes image scanners can also be used in place of traditional LED.

Perhaps the most common of all barcode scanners is the hand held barcode scanner. This type of scanner can be found in most small retail stores, and in some smaller warehouse settings. The portability and ease of use are two of the biggest assets of the handheld scanner. For grocery stores, a bar code scanner called a stationary scanner is used. This is a large scanner that is mounted in place, and items are simply swept over it. The large scanner produces a red LED or laser light that can quickly read several items’barcodes. For bigger jobs, industrial barcode scanners are used. These types of scanners are made to read different kinds of barcodes and can help companies keep track of very large amounts of items at once, as well as their final shipping destination. Barcode scanners have made the world of manufacturing, industry, and retail a much easier and more convenient place to do business