Are you ready for the Apocalypse?
Should you be?

If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, as written in the bible, would you be ready? Would you be ready to battle demons, the four horsemen, pestilence, hordes of satan worshippers, evil spirits and more?

No, of course not! You will NEVER be ready and "prepared" to do all that.

And should you be ready for it?

Well, assuming that god is real, and that the Book of Revelations isn't just a bunch of fiction written by some guy 17 centuries ago, well then why should you HAVE to be ready for it? If you are truly destined to fight in the apocalypse and go to heaven/etc, then no amount of preparation is going to help you.

That's right, don't bother to join that Christian Gun Club...

Don't spend all those hours studying kung fu.

Don't go out and bomb some rival religion that you think is actually worshipping the devil.

No, just go to work, be a nice person, and if the apocalypse ever did happen and you're destined to be one of the chosen 144,000 people who actually get to go to the New Jerusalem, then you're guaranteed in anyway regardless of your military/militia/gun-toting background.

The fact is that many AMERICANS are obsessed with the idea of owning guns and preparing for the apocalypse. Or preparing for nuclear war and/or an alien invasion, or whichever comes first.

I can't help but LAUGH at these right-wing religious fanatics and their guns. They're always paranoid about something: Aliens, Communists, Terrorists, Satan-Worshippers, The Government, Used-Car Salesmen...

Okay, maybe not used-car salesmen... but you are getting the idea, right?

The fact is that the bible is a piece of fiction. Maybe some of the stuff in it is true. Maybe its all completely fake and we were created by aliens from another planet who someday plan to come back and eat us... who knows? Both the bible and the aliens-coming-to-eat-us idea are pieces of fiction. Nothing to support either theory (except maybe those signs in farmers' fields). And the bible is an excellent collection of fairy tales, no doubt about that. Sadly too many people take the bible seriously and start preparing for the apocalypse as mentioned frequently in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But the book that mentions it most of all, is the Book of Revelations.

Perhaps the Vatican and other religious institutions should consider throwing out the Book of Revelations. It tends to promote wackos, cults and crazy people.

So my advice for people is this: Believe what you want, but try to keep the guns where they belong. Guns don't belong in church, and they certainly don't belong in the hands of crazy religious wackos.

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