Brutus and Avianna
A Korovian Fantasy Novel

Brutus and Avianna started as a private story that I wrote for my girlfriend. I decided to create a fantasy romance featuring (and I admit this is lame) a barbarian named Brutus and an elvish female named Avianna. BUT, the story turned out to be incredibly good (but due to its format, unpublishable as a real novel).

It is also erotic on a regular basis. Its a bit like a cross between Conan and a Harlequin novel.

Plus, its also unfinished. I am currently writing chapters 8 and 9.

But, in the mean time, you can enjoy reading the first 6 chapters.

Or, you could read my Lilith Bloodstone Series, which is also based in the world of Korovia (but is not erotic).

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapters 7+
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