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5th level Chaotic Good Grey Elf: 5th level Bard.

Str 12
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 20
Wis 13
Chr 15

Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +5

Hp 25
AC 17
Base Atk +3

Abilities: Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, +1 Inspire Courage, Inspire Confidence, Arcane Spells, Immune to Sleep Magic, +2 vs Enchantment, Low Light Vision, Elvish Weapons, +2 Listen/Search/Spot, Sense Hidden Door, Two-Weapon Style, and Point Blank Shot.
11 Skills (maxed, 8 ranks each): Perform (Sing), Spellcraft, Use Magical Device, Gather Info, Listen, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Elvish History), Sleight of Hand, Swim, Navigation & Languages (Elvish, Korovian, Ancient Elvish, Ancient Korovian, Draconic).
Equipment: Large Diving Bell (fits 6 people), 2 potions of Water-breathing, +1 elvish longsword, masterwork elvish shortsword, elvish mythral chain-shirt, whip, quiver and longbow. He carries several large rubies hidden in his clothes.

Northwest of Weyvin Point, in the Leviathan Sea is an underwater tomb known to both Andrega and Paregus. The two men were once adventurers together with other party members who tried to sack the tomb and take its riches. They were forced to flee the tomb due to numerous skeletons, but Andrega vowed to return to recover the bodies of his fallen comrades. Andrega’s original reasoning for going to the tomb was to recover the ancient tomes of King Zaelean, an elvish king who died 1400 years ago.

The underwater tomb itself used to be on an island until roughly 1200 years ago, when a volcanic eruption caused the island and all its buildings to sink beneath the waves. King Zaelean was said to be a very wealthy elvish King who had managed to reunite about half of Korovia before he died. Andrega is a bit of an expert on this topic. Indeed, there is even a rumour he is descended from Zaelean.

The closest island to where the tomb is belongs to a group of fishermen barbarians with a strong sense of independence. They will trade goods with sailors sometimes, but otherwise maintain their independence from Korovia. The barbarians find it foolish for anyone to go looking for gold beneath the waves.

Sea elves do not come this far north. It is too cold. Thus Andrega is actively and openly looking for adventurers to help him return to the tomb. He found several rubies while in the tomb, which is helping to finance his return.

In combat, Andrega fights with his two elvish swords and can hold his own against most humanoids without resorting to spells. He usually reserves his spells to be used against larger creatures. The spells he has are not very useful against undead.

Bard Spells/Day (0th-2nd): 3-4-2
0th: Light, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, detect magic, & read magic.
1st: Cure light wounds, animate rope, feather fall & hypnotism.
2nd: Glitterdust, sound burst, & tongues.