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Archaic Korovian Knight

This ancient order of knights was mostly wiped out during the last demon war, but has been reborn when their bodies were released from the para-elemental ice inside the Star Citadel. Since then the order has been re-founded by building a new fortress-temple over top of a magical river south of Oraknev.

Korovian Knights are known for their resilience. They are a tough breed known for being able to survive almost anything. They are also known for their tempers. Korovian Knights are the only paladin order known to rage. They still use their archaic (some say barbaric) methods, but coupled with their stern discipline and violent tempers they are force to be avoided with a measure of fear and respect. Archaic Knights speak with a heavy accent and can automatically speak and read Ancient Korovian, which is an useful skill. To become an archaic Korovian Knight, a character must be one of the warriors who were frozen in the Star Citadel*. The preferred weapon of the order is the Great Axe, which they learn special attacks with it.

*New Korovian Knights have started to enlist in their ranks, but they do not gain the ability to speak and read Ancient Korovian, but also do not suffer from Culture Shock (see the Blizzard prestige class) because they were raised in modern Korovia.

Korovian Knights believe in the Korovian Code of Honour: "Honour is a white cloth that can never be cleaned." Meaning: Evil is a cloth stained red with blood. Actions dictate how stained a person's cloth is and will be.

Hit Die: d12
Requirements: Base Attack Bonus +5, Lawful Good, 4 Ranks in Diplomacy, Power Attack, and proficiency with Great Axe.
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: No new weapon or armour proficiency.
Spells per Day: When a new Korovian Knight level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in Paladin. She does not however gain any other paladin abilities that she would have gained. If the character is a non-Paladin, then they gain access to cleric divine spells, but gain spells at the progression of a bard. Thus a 5th level Korovian Knight would be able to cast clerical spells at the level of a 5th level bard.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will     Special                                              Spells per Day
1st               +1                         +2       +2     +2  Holy Rage 1/day, Great Axe Ability          +1 level
2nd              +2                         +3       +3     +3  Holy Smite 1/day, Great Axe Ability          +1 level 
3rd               +3                         +3       +3     +3  Holy Rage 2/day, Great Axe ability           +1 level
4th               +4                         +4       +4     +4  Holy Smite 2/day, Great Axe Ability          +1 level
5th               +5                         +4       +4     +4  Holy Rage 3/day, Holy Smite 3/day          +1 level

Holy Rage: As per Barbarian Rage, except the Korovian Knight can only rage against evil creatures. If they already have levels of barbarian, the ability stacks.
Holy Smite: As per the Paladin Smite ability. If they already have levels of paladin, the ability stacks.
Great Axe Ability: Korovian knights gains use of one of the following feats Combat Reflexes, Improved Sunder, Improved Bullrush, Great Cleave at the stated levels, but ONLY when wielding a Great Axe. The player must choose one feat each time the Korovian Knight gains a level.