Blizzards are wizards and sorcerers who have undergone a special magical transformation. The process is painful, but at the end of the transformation the character is reborn as a Blizzard with Blue Skin and white hair. Blizzards often have nightmares about their transformation, which can be soothed by purchasing Frostleaves (see Chapter 7) and making Frostleaf tea before sleeping. Without the tea, some Blizzards find it impossible to remember their spells. It is their Blue Skin which grants them special resistance against cold and an innate understanding of spear weaponry. Blizzards do NOT specialize in cold spells themselves, they simply hone their bodies to resist the harsh cold and wind. The transformation they undergo. Many humans become blizzards because it is easier and faster for them to join the ranks of Blizzards due to their bonus feat.

*Some Blizzards are archaic and can speak and read Ancient Korovian and have access to Ancient languages such as Ancient Elvish, etc. However, they speak with a thick accent and sometimes encounter Culture Shock when encountering modern Korovians who are rude (by ancient standards) or use modern slang, which may result in a circumstance negative to Diplomacy checks.

Hit Die: d4
Requirements: Ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells, +2 Base Attack, Cold Resistance Feat, Point Blank Shot, proficiency with spear.
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level. Gains a +2 intuition bonus to Knowledge (Weather). When travelling outside of Korovia, Blizzards suffer a -4 to Diplomacy checks due to their strange appearance.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: The Blizzard gains proficiency in the Korovian Great Spear (exotic).
Spells per Day: When a new Blizzard level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the Blizzard prestige class. She does not however gain any other abilities that the previous class would have gained. If the character had more than one arcane spellcasting class, they must choose which one gains the bonus permanently.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will  Special                                                                          Spells per Day
1st                  +0                       +0      +0     +2 Blizzard Resistance, Blizzard Spear Focus                     +1 level
2nd                 +1                       +0      +0     +3 Spear Range Increase                                                     +1 level 
3rd                  +2                       +1      +1     +3 Blizzard Spear Specialization                                          +1 level 
4th                  +2                       +1       +1    +4 Spear Two-Weapon-Style                                                +1 level
5th                  +3                       +1       +1    +4 Cold Immunity                                                                  +1 level

Blizzard Resistance: The character suffers only half damage from cold or wind spells or spell-like effects.
Spear Range: The throwing range of all spears the Blizzard is proficient with is doubled.
Blizzard Spear Focus: The Blizzard gains a +1 attack bonus with all spears they are proficient with.
Blizzard Spear Specialization: The Blizzard gains a +2 damage bonus with all spears they are proficient with.
Two-Weapon-Style: The Blizzard may use Two-Weapon Style when fighting with a spear or staff, using the blunt end of the spear as a club (similar to fighting with a quarterstaff).
Cold Immunity: The Blizzard gains complete immunity to cold effects and cold spells.