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Cleric of All

Clerics of All represent the entire pantheon of gods, of a specific alignment: Good, Neutral or Evil. Thus for example a good Cleric of All can call upon divine aid from ANY of the good gods. They previously worshipped a specific god, but have since decided to broaden their area of worship to an entire pantheon. The belief is that by being able to draw power from all of the gods combined, they can do more service to the worshippers of those gods. In theory this means that Clerics of All also represents demi-gods and pagan gods with similar alignments too. Clerics of All technically become quite powerful because they get extra spells from multiple deities.

Clerics of All also believe in The Merging. The Merging is when two or more gods with similar ethos (not just alignment) join their energies to become a single entity. For example if a God of Hunting merged with a God of Tracking to become the God of Hunting and Tracking. This is also a rare occurrence, as it usually only happens when a god is being threatened by war with another god, and makes the ultimate alliance in order to increase their strength.

Hit Die: d6
Requirements: Ability to cast 3rd level Divine spells, able to cast Domain spells, ability to turn undead, non-Lawful alignment. Must have studied under two Clerics of different gods with similar alignments.
Class Skills: 6 Skill Points/level. Gains a +2 intuition bonus to Knowledge Religion and Diplomacy checks when dealing with other priests belonging to a church with a similar alignment.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: No prohibitions against what weapons they may use. They learn no new weapons or armour however.
Spells per Day: When a new Cleric of All level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a divine spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the Cleric of All prestige class. She does not however gain any other abilities that the previous class would have gained. If the character had more than one divine spellcasting class, they must choose which one gains the bonus permanently.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will Special                                                              Spells per Day
1st                    +0                       +0      +0      +2 Detect Divine Might, Bonus Domain                  +1 level
2nd                   +1                       +0      +0      +3 Bonus Domain                                                   +1 level
3rd                    +2                       +1      +1      +3 Detect Godhood, Bonus Domain                       +1 level
4th                    +2                       +1      +1      +4 Bonus Domain                                                   +1 level
5th                    +3                       +1      +1      +4 All Ethos Domains                                             +1 level

Detect Divine Might: The Cleric of All can detect divine magic at will and can automatically tell which god granted the spell. This is a supernatural ability.
Bonus Domain: She gains access to a new domain. The new domain is considered to be “extra spells”. A normal cleric can only cast 1 domain spell per spell level. A 1st level Cleric of All can cast 2. At 4th level, the cleric reaches their maximum number of bonus spells they can cast per spell level (5).
Detect Godhood: When faced with a cleric or even a deity, she can automatically sense the cleric or god's religion, alignment and relative power. This is a supernatural ability.
All Ethos Domains: She gains access to all domains related to her ethos. A cleric of good ethos would not gain access to the domains of Death, Evil, Corruption, etc. The cleric however can still only cast a maximum of 5 domain spells per spell level, plus their regular cleric spells.