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Cossacks are superior horsemen and excellent warriors who are always ready for a fight. Male Cossacks carry weapons all the time. Female and children Cossacks always carry daggers. Cossack mothers often carry their babies in a special hood behind the back so their hands were free in case they needed to fight.

Anyone could join the Cossacks, provided the Cossacks believed they were a worthy warrior and an able horseman. There was also the matter of belief. All Cossacks believe in Yevjev, an ancient Lawful Good god of horsemen. Yevjev’s wife is the goddess Marina, a patron god of motherhood and horses. Together, the two gods are the patron gods of the Cossacks.

Cossacks are strong believers in independence and are known for their courage and free spirit. The name Cossack is an Al-Kazarian word “kazak” which means free man or adventurer. Cossacks are found in both Korovia and northern parts of Al-Kazar. Cossacks are normally human, but almost any humanoid can join their ranks.

When a person becomes a Cossack they go through a special baptism ceremony and gain a new name, which usually describes their occupation, the town they came from, or both.

Cossacks strongly defends the monarchy when it benefits them and their freedom, and strongly opposes it whenever their freedom is suppressed. With the defeat of the warlord Derek the Deadly, many Cossacks have become strong defenders of Queen Kasiya.

Not all Cossacks ride horses. Some have been recruited to join the Korovian Air Cavalry, which includes a small number of dragons, war griffons and even two pegasi.

Hit Die: d8
Requirements: 5 ranks in Ride, Mounted Combat, and the ability to use martial weapons.
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level. Gains a +2 intuition bonus to Ride.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: No new weapon or armour proficiency.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will  Special 
1st                    +1                       +2      +0     +2 Infantry Feat
2nd                   +2                       +3      +0     +3 Cavalry Feat
3rd                    +3                       +3      +1     +3 Infantry Feat
4th                    +4                       +4       +1    +4 Cavalry Feat
5th                    +5                       +4       +1    +4 Leadership

Infantry Feat: Cossacks gain a bonus feat from the following list: Armour Proficiency, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Shield Proficiency, & Weapon Focus.
Cavalry Feat: Cossacks gain a bonus feat from the following list: Mounted Archery, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, & Trample.
Leadership: At 5th level a Cossack gains the Leadership feat for free and can now command troops. If the Cossack already has Leadership as a feat, the Cossack gains a +2 bonus to their leadership score.