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Grand Necromancer

High Necromancy studies the darkest of arts in greater detail than most, unlocking secrets and dabbling in necromancy spells usually reserved for clerics.

Hit Die: d4
Requirements: Spell Focus Necromancy and Greater Spell Focus Necromancy. 8 ranks of Concentration and 8 ranks of Spellcraft.
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level. The Grand Necromancer gains access to Cleric skills.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: Bonus weapon proficiency in scythe.
Spells per Day: When a new Grand Necromancer level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a spellcaster class they already have. She does not however gain any other abilities that she would have gained from that class.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will Special                                                  Spells per Day
1st                    +0                       +2      +0      +2 Cleric Spells, Necromantic Feat            +1 level 
2nd                   +1                       +3      +0      +3 Cleric Scrolls, Necromantic Feat           +1 level 
3rd                    +1                       +3      +1      +3 Necromantic Feat                                  +1 level 
4th                    +2                       +4      +1      +4 Necromantic Feat                                  +1 level 
5th                    +2                       +4      +1      +4 Necromantic Feat                                  +1 level 

Cleric Spells: The Grant Necromancer gains access to a list of Cleric spells that may be cast as Arcane Spells (the DM will pick suitable material components if there is a need to change a spellís components). When picking new spells whenever gaining a level, the Grander Necromancer may only choose from this list. They may only pick two new spells from this list upon gaining a new level and the spells must be of a level that they can cast.
1st level: Deathwatch, Hide from Undead, & Magic Stone.
2nd level: Consecrate, Death Knell, Desecrate, Gentle Repose, Remove Paralysis, & Lesser Restoration.
3rd level: Speak with Dead.
4th level: Death Ward, & Restoration.
5th level: Slay Living, & Symbol of Pain.
6th level: Antilife Shell, Harm, Symbol of Fear, & Undeath to Death.
7th level: Destruction, Dictum, Greater Restoration, Symbol of Stunning, & Symbol of Weakness.
8th level: Symbol of Death & Symbol of Insanity.
9th level: Energy Drain & Implosion.
Cleric Scrolls: The Grand Necromancer learns how to read Cleric scrolls, but they must be necromantic cleric scrolls or from the list above.
Necromantic Feat: The Grand Necromancer learns a new way to adapt her spells. She gains a Metamagic feat, but it can only be used in conjunction with Necromancy spells.