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(Minotaur monk/paladin)

Any minotaur who has one level of monk or one level of paladin is considered to be an “Ironskin”. It is an honourary title bestoyed upon all minotaur monks and paladins. Higher level Ironskins often become the Ironskin prestige class. Ironskins believe that the only way to true freedom is to forsake weapons and armour, and live life honourably out in the open. Some minotaurs even forsake magic. This doesn’t mean they won’t use the occasionally weapon or bit of magic, simply that they “prefer” not to.

Ironskins never attack unless they are attacked first, unless an innocent is at danger. They live their lives in relative poverty and roam the land, seeking to do good deeds. An Ironskin rarely retires from duty until they have become venerable, at which point they take up teaching younger generations of Ironskins.

Ironskins often wear very little. A loincloth or kilt is common. They are resistant to the cold and so rarely wear heavier clothes. They survive by living on plants, nuts and fish, and are more or less vegetarians (they will eat meat if offered it, they don’t want to be rude).

Hit Die: d12
Requirements: Lawful Good, Still Mind (monk ability), Divine Grace (paladin ability).
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level. The Ironskin has access to both monk and paladin skills.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: No new proficiencies.

Level    Base Attack Bonus    Fort Reflex Will Special
1st               +1                           +2       +2     +2 Flurry of Blows, SR 9
2nd              +2                           +3       +3     +3 Tough Skin, SR 11
3rd               +3                           +3       +3     +3 DR 1/-, SR 13
4th               +4                           +4       +4     +4 Tough Skin, DR 2/-, SR 15
5th               +5                           +4       +4     +4 Tough Skin, DR 3/-, SR 17

Flurry of Blows: When calculating an Ironskin’s flurry of blows, stack the Ironskins Base Attack Bonus of paladin, monk and Ironskin, and then compare that bonus on the Monk chart.
Tough Skin: The Ironskin develops tougher skin, gaining a +1 bonus to its natural armour.
Damage Reduction: At levels 3, 4 & 5 the Ironskin gains damage reduction to all weapons according to the value above.
Spell Resistance: The Ironskin learns to resist magic (and psionics) according to the SR listed above.