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Katya Yerovik

(Warden of the North)
2nd Level Chaotic Good Tiefling: 2nd level Fighter

Str 16
Dex 18
Con 12
Int 15
Wis 12
Chr 18

Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1

Hp 18
AC 22
Base Atk: +2

Abilities: Darkvision 60’, +2 Bluff/Hide, cast Darkness 1/day, Resist Cold/Fire/Electricity 5, Speak Infernal, Tower Shield Proficiency, Exotic Wpn Bastardsword, & Point Blank Shot.
Skills: Craft (Bow) 5, Swim 5, Climb 4, Jump 4, & Perform (Sing & Dance) 1.
Items: Hide Armour, Elvish Tower Shield, Masterwork Elvish Composite Longbow (+3 Str), +1 Bastardsword, spiked gauntlets, and back-harness (for sword and bow). She also carries a black leather satchel, 2 small pouches, flint and steel, 1 lb of soap, a whetstone, 2 waterskins, 2 winter blankets, carving tools, and a Book of Demonic Lore (written in elvish).

Unlike most tieflings who have a hard demeanor, Katya has the opposite. She is enticing. Her mother was an Alu-Fiend (a half-succubus, see the 2nd Edition Planescape Monstrous Compendium), which makes Katya one quarter succubus (and therefore a tiefling).

Despite her heritage, Katya was raised by a group of elvish monks (The Oak Brotherhood) who live north of Sylvania. One night a monk stumbled home with Katya still red with the blood of her birth. The monk died shortly afterwards from his own wounds, but not before he got the master of the monastery (Avresteth) to promise to protect the baby. Avresteth swore immediately to his fallen student to protect the baby, without knowing what the baby was. The monks gave her the last name of Yerovik (old Korovian for “Foundling”).

16 years later, Katya is now a Warden of the North. Unlike most wardens she does not wear splintmail however. Instead she wears bearskin hide armour and carries a tower shield. Underneath the bear-skull, which is her helmet, she has long black hair. Her blue eyes and height (5’11” tall) makes her a startling beauty to say the least. She is also a lot stronger than she looks, years of training beside elvish monks combined with her Tiefling blood has made her quite strong (she doesn’t look it however).

Katya’s longbow is called “The Wind’s Vengeance”. Her sword is called “Roseblade”. Avresteth gave her a book about demonic lore before she left the monastery, wishing her luck with whatever she finds in her search to find out more about her heritage. Her search is going to be exceptionally difficult however, as demons no longer come to Korovia’s sacred ground. She was born before it became holy. Korovia’s holy ground does not bother Katya as does demons or undead. Her soul is thus far untainted.

Katya travels with a gully dwarf called Redknot and a pair of halflings as her companions: Dominik and Henryk Mossfoot.