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King Grott

16th level Chaotic Evil Uber-Orc/Half-Dragon: 13th level Cleric, 3rd level Barbarian

Str 30
Dex 14
Con 18
Int 14
Wis 17
Chr 15
Spd 30/Fly 30

Fort +20, Ref +12, Will +17

Hp: 160
AC: 30 (Natural +4, Size -1, Ring +5, Breastplate +10, Dex +2)
Base Attack: +12/+7/+2

6 Feats: Flyby Attack, Multiattack, Trample, Craft Magic Arms/Armour, Forge Ring, Improved Critical - Natural Weapons.
10 Skills (15 ranks each): 152 ranks
Abilities: Horns 2d6+5, Bite 1d8+5, Claws 1d6+10/1d6+10, Breathe 30' long Cone of Fire for 6d10 damage (DC 19), low light vision/darkvision 60', immune to sleep/paralysis/fire.

Items: Ring of Resistance/Protection +5, Ring of Jumping, Breastplate +5, Vorpal Greatsword +5 (he wields it one handed) plus various magical items/scrolls not listed here.

King Grott is the leader of the orc metropolis of Molloch, which is on the Korovian/Loqland border near Roknar. The metropolis uses slave labour in its mines and is notorious for capturing dwarves and barbarians and throwing them in the mines. Few people have escaped from Molloch, and those who have told horror stories of its huge vastnass and the sheer evil of the place.

Great machines in the belly of Molloch provide energy for magical contraptions of orcish design. Escapees claim that the orcs of Molloch have several Loqland dragons working with them, and that there is a class system within the orcs. The lower orcs are on the bottom rung, with Uber-orcs (Uber-orcs have ram horns) above them, and if rumours are to be believed, Half-Dragons ruling the highest posts in the city. Taking that for granted, it would explain the magic present in the city and the technology that goes into making the belly of Molloch.

Not much is known about King Grott's personality beyond the fact that he is both violent and ruthless. He is large, 9 feet tall (about the same size as an ogre or a juvenile red dragon), has reddish-green skin and large red dragon wings with black stripes. His horns are ram-shaped and thus he looks more like a demon than he does like an orc. He is sometimes accompanied by six nightmares, which act as his bodyguards.