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Korovian Uber-Trolls

As regular Trolls, but with the following changes:

  • Larger: Increase HD to 8d8+48 and Hit Points to 84.

  • Stronger: Increase Strength by +2 (Str 25).

  • Smarter: Increase Intelligence to 8.

  • Horns: Gore Attack 4d6+10 (similar to a minotaur's gore attack).

  • Weapons and Armour: Common Weapons: Great Club, Great Axe or Greatsword (wielded with one hand or two) plus thick Hide Armour: Increase AC to 21.

  • Feats: Remove the Alertness feat and add Two-Weapon Fighting or Multi-Attack.

  • CR: 7 Notes: Some even carry water on them for putting out flames. They are often the leaders of parties of lesser trolls.

    Alternatively, treat the Uber-Troll like a regular troll, but with 1 level of Barbarian and with Minotaur horns. The CR is still a 7.