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Lady Ahaesianna

(Were-Tiger Lord)
11th level Chaotic Evil Grey Elf: 5th level Rogue, 4th level Fighter, and 2nd level Assassin.

Str 12
Dex 20
Con 12
Int 17
Wis 14
Chr 17

Fort +6, Ref +13, Will +4

Hp 127
AC 26 (were-tiger form 23)
Base Attack +14

Ahaesianna is cold, vindictive and uncaring in many ways. She is proud and skilled, and always ready for a fight. Her eyes are dark and mysterious and her hair is white like snow. She can be flirtatious but only when she spots someone she really likes, or if she has other motives.

When travelling, Ahaesianna likes to disguise herself as noble woman and hires mercenaries as her escort. However she is really a novice assassin, and Ahaesianna has only recently devoted her life to murder. Before she was a ruthless and deadly fighter, known for attacking her own allies in order to save her own skin. But her taste for murder is only the tip of the iceberg.

14 years ago Ahaesianna was attacked by a white were-tiger and became cursed with lycanthropy (see page 172 of the MM for more info). When her curse was discovered she fled her small village and joined a band of elvish thieves.12 years ago this same band of thieves ambushed a group of adventurers, but when the battle went sour, Ahaesianna began attacking her own comrades.

Unsure what to make of her, the party allowed her to tag along for awhile, but she later fled when they too discovered she was a were-tiger. She briefly worked for the Sylvania Heavy Cavalry before her true identity became known. After many years of wandering and making a living as a mercenary for hire, she has since become a member of the ever-secretive Assassinís Guild and sometimes works for the Obsidian Dragons.

Ahaesianna carries a +3 Elvish composite longbow made from Darkwood. Her arrows are always poisoned (sometimes with Wyvern poison). She always carries anti-dotes for the poison on her. She wears a +1 mythal breastplate of elvish design with dark symbols on it, matching bracers +2 and carries a +1 Unholy elvish longsword. An employer gave the breastplate and bracers to her after she killed a paladin captain in Koastmark. She also killed an enchantress working for the Korovian government. There is a sizeable reward for her, dead or alive. The paladins want her alive, but the Korovian authorities would be happy just to have her dead.

7 Feats: Longbow Focus/Specialization, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Shot on the Run.

Humanoid Form: Bonus 6d8 HD, +5 Base Attack, +2 Natural Armour, Tiger Empathy, Scent, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack.

Were-Tiger Form: +5 Natural Armour, +12 Str, +4 Dex, +4 Con, Damage Reduction 10/silver, Pounce, Improved Grab, Rake, Curse of Lycanthropy. Her 2 claws in were-tiger form deal 1d8+7 and her bite deals 2d6+3. Her claws have a +20 to hit and her bite has a +15.

Class Abilities: Sneak attack +4d6, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Poison Use, Death attack, Assassin spells, +1 save against poison, Evasion, Trap Sense +1 and Trapfinding.

Spells: True Strike twice/day, Disguise Self once/day, & Feather Fall once/day.

Skills (122 Ranks): Move Silently 10, Hide 10, Spot 10, Listen 10, Search 10, Climb 10, Bluff 10, Intimidate 10, Diplomacy 10, Disguise 10, Gather Info 5, Tumble 5, Ride 5, Jump 5, and Swim 2.

A loner by nature, Ahaesianna sometimes hires mercenaries to act as guardians and/or distractions when she has a particular goal in mind. These mercenaries act as bodyguards when she is pretending to be a noble. Some of her bodyguards may even be lesser were-tigers. It is not commonly known that she is a were-tiger. Only sages and bards have a chance to know that, along with her former colleagues. Despite being more secretive, she is still one of Koroviaís more famous and highly feared villains.