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Lady Korozo

14th level Lawful Good Human: 10th level Paladin, 4th level Sorcerer.

Str 14
Dex 18
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 16
Chr 17

Fort +13, Ref +14, Will +13

AC 23
Hp 98
Base Atk: +12/+7/+2
6 Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Mounted Combat, Leadership, & Craft Wondrous Item.

Armour: +1 Mythral Breastplate, +1 Large Mythral Shield.
Weapons: +3 Longsword (Bane, Outsiders, Evil), +2 Composite Longbow (Str +2), +1 Dagger of Spellstoring.
Items: Ring of Wizardry 1, plus various potions & scrolls.

Lady Korozo was once known as Dame Korozo. She accompanied a party of adventurers to kill stench cattle, and an over-sized demonic guard who was guarding a portal to the Abyss. She was also the paladin who was given a potion of heroism, a magical demonslaying sword and then the adventurers cast “Fly” on her and she defeated a balor during the famous Demon Assault of Kost.

Korozo has since become the new leader of the Temple of Divine Light (Lord Wilhelm is now the Lord of Kost). Lady Korozo is famous for her daring feat twelve years ago when she magically flew above Kost and chopped off the head of a balor. The heroes cunningly handed her a magical paladin's sword, cast fly and numerous protection spells on her, and she dutifully stood her ground against the balor and a small horde of demons that had recently arisen to attack Kost. Her resulting popularity is such that she is actually a bit of a recluse now, avoiding being seen in public due to her famous (and beautiful) face and likewise incredible fame.

Korozo’s sword “Balorslayer” provides blue light when commanded. The sword is a LG intelligent item with Empathy and grants the user a bonus of 10 ranks in Intimidate, which can be useful for scaring away monsters.

Lady Korozo is sometimes jokingly called “The Great Virgin”. While riding in town, she usually summons a mount. Outside of a town however, her official mount is a black Unicorn called Ravenfeather. Whether or not she is actually a virgin is another question.

In combat, Korozo combines spells with fighting prowess. Her matching armour and shield are a gift to her from a group of elvish paladins that she helped 5 years ago. When casting spells in her armour & shield there is still a 20% chance that her spell might fail (she sometimes sets the shield down to increase the chances), but with her Ring of Wizardry, she can lob spells quite often. As a paladin/sorcerer, she doesn’t have much variety in spells, but does make great use of her Mirror Image spell.

Paladin (1st-2nd): 2-3.

1st: Lesser Restoration, Bless Weapon.
2nd: Eagles Splendor, Bulls Strength.

Sorcery (0-2nd): 6-13-4.

0th: Resistance, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Mount, & Mending.
1st: Protection vs Etc., Shield, & Burning Hands.
2nd: Mirror Image.