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Lady Kystynna Kirianna Eldoer

12th level Chaotic Good Wild Elf: 12th level Psion (Savant).

Str 11
Dex 20
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 12
Chr 17

Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +9

Hp 67
AC 19
Base Attack: +6/+1

Abilities: Immunity to Sleep Magic, +2 vs Enchantments, Low Light vision, Wild Elf Weapons, +2 Spot/Search/Listen, Inertial Armour, Weapon Finesse Dagger, Craft Universal Item, Craft Psionic Arms & Armour, & Leadership, Psionic Powers, and all Psionic Combat Modes.
Skills: Concentration, Knowledge (Psionics), Sleight of Hand, Psicraft, Search, & AutoHypnosis.
Items: +3 Ferroplasm Dagger of Power Storing, +1 Silver Dagger, Boots of Stomping, Cloak of Elvenkind, +2 Longbow, and a quiver of +3 Silver Arrows (x20), Amulet of Disintegrate (3/day), & Psi-Crystal (observant, +2 Spot).

Twelve years ago Kirianna was on the run from a band of thugs who believed they could steal her strange powers. She disintegrated quite a few of them and has since been living the quiet life in Sylvania. She owns a tavern in Sylvania called the Blue Rose and has access to other businesses (her family is a noble-merchant family).

She accidentally disintegrated a PC once when he barged into her room and she disintegrated him out of self-defense, thinking he was a thug. Back then she was a wild psionic (2nd edition rules), but has since honed her abilities and adventured quite a bit every year to increase her skills. She is currently a respected advisor to the Prince of Sylvania. There are even rumours she might become his Princess.

When adventuring Kirianna travels with a band of followers and an 11th level cohort (a dwarven psychic warrior). Her favourite place to adventure is the troll lands. Nothing freaks trolls out more than having their comrades disintegrated.

Psionics: (72 Power Points)
0th: Lesser Natural Armour, Far Punch, Far Hand, Control Shadow, My Light, Trinket Bolt, Detect Psionics, & Verve.
1st: Lesser Concussion, Stomp, Minor Creation, & Control Light.
2nd: Concussion, Sever the Tie, Control Air, & Control Flames.
3rd: Greater Concussion, White Fire, & Danger Sense.
4th: Inertial Barrier, Mass Concussion, & Telekinesis.
5th: Brilliant Blast & Major Creation.
6th: Disintegrate.