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(Ship captain of the "Merry Lady")
6 HD Minotaur, 6th level monk/4th level fighter, NG.

Str 26
Dex 12
Con 19
Int 14
Wis 14
Chr 14
Speed 50

Fort +15, Ref +12, Will +13

Hp 133
AC 20 (+5 Natural, +1 Dex, +2 Wis, +1 Dodge, +1 Monk)
Base Atk: +14/+9/+4 (or flurry-of-blows +13/+13/+8/+3)

9 Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Expertise, Whirlwind Attack, Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder, and Eagle Claw Attack.
10 Skills: (9 ranks each) Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Search, Spot, Climb, Tumble, Swim, Balance, Sailing (Profession).
Abilities: Minotaur Senses (+4 Search/Listen/Spot, can’t get lost), +3 intimidate, large size, darkvision 60’, powerful charge, track scent, +4 grapple, 10’ reach, Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm, flurry-of-blows, evasion, still mind, Ki strike (magic), purity of body, slow fall 30’, and +20 speed.

To many minotaurs Logarr is a prime example of a great hero. Despite his sometimes-unorthodox methods he is nevertheless looked upon with much admiration by both Ironskins and pirates who favour a less honourable code of conduct. Logarr is a huge black minotaur with a (rather famous) silver nose-ring. He has honed his fighting skills and has an unusual flair for the dramatic that makes him admired and feared by minotaurs and non-minotaurs. He tends to manhandle his opponents as if they were ragdolls.

He was a monk for a long time but his love of the sea led him to change his career path and to develop a more “unorthodox” fighting style. He is fond of using the occasional dirty trick. His method of fighting involves using his superior reach to grapple opponents like ragdolls and bash them against other opponents. He will even use a person as a weapon to disarm, trip, cleave, sunder and do a whirlwind attack. With Spring Attack he can get within 10’ of a target sunder their weapon with one hand and grapple the enemy with the other hand. With his powerful charge he could impale an opponent on his horns and cleave right through them with his horns to impale the person behind them (normally it would to be beside a target, but with a 10’ reach it doesn’t matter). Logarr deals 2d6+8 damage with his unarmed attacks.

While he does not have leadership as a feat, a number of minotaurs (including Ironskins) are his companions. He and his companions work for the towns of Tuirn and Kost to hunt down pirates and smugglers. Logarr often comes to the rescue of ships being attacked by pirates.

Logarr does have magical items on his ship (the Merry Lady), but he rarely ever uses or needs them. He is not interested in wealth and contends himself with being a protector of the Korovian Sea. There is currently a movement seeking to make him a commander or captain in the Korovian Navy, but he would have to move to the Leviathan Sea. If he does accept, his ship will be magically shrunk so it can be transported more easily.