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Loqland Dragon

(Fire and Acid)

Loqland dragons have crimson & black stripes. They are a crossbreed of black and red dragons and are known for their sheer destructiveness and extremely long periods of sleep. They are usually Lawful Evil and love the conquest of power. When they arenít busy seeking to become more powerful, Loqland dragons enjoy their other favourite past time: sleep. This is why the old Loqland flag is a sleeping Loqland dragon, showing that they are inherently peaceful kingdom but can be easily enraged.

Extremely intelligent, Loqland dragons enjoy the art of war, especially the tactics and planning that goes into it. However they are also very tempersome (they can rage once per day for every two age categories). Warlords frequently call upon the dragons to lend their expertise to a combat situation and grant information accordingly (for a price of course). Loqland dragons typically choose their lairs in locations that are both easily defendable, and provide easy access to attack others.

Loqland dragons sometimes become war-mounts for powerful warlords, but with the understanding that the warlord doesnít give the orders, the dragon does. Loqland dragons do NOT take orders from mere mortals, no matter how powerful. If ordered by an older dragon however, a Loqland dragon may be convinced to follow the orders of a mortal for a period of time.

Their crimson and black striped scales that make them stand out easily in the skies. Its tail is spiked and when shaken sounds like a huge rattlesnake. Loqland dragons prefer to scare their opponents first, and then eat them raw as they attempt to flee. They also have webbed claws suggesting there is some sea-dragon blood in their ancestry. Loqland dragons enjoy underwater combat (they are excellent swimmers) and like surprising ships and eating the crew. They have large black horns like a ram sheep that can be used to ram ships or buildings.

A Loqland dragonís breath weapons are a cone of acid and a line of fire. Because they like their food intact however, they usually use their breath weapons to destroy larger things and frighten mortals. Loqland dragons share their hunting grounds with others of their own kind and sometimes hunt together for sport.

The lair of a Loqland dragon always has numerous (3d6) Loqland rattlesnakes. These red and black striped vipers vary in size from small to huge. Loqland dragons can communicate with these rattlesnakes telepathically and control them. The snakes are pets and a Loqland dragon will avenge the death of any of its pets. Use the stats for Fiendish Vipers (small - huge) when calculating Loqland rattlesnakes.

Loqland dragons like raising large families and frequently check up on their children to see how their local war/etc is going. They are also a large communal race and join together for large gatherings every summer solstice to discuss war strategies. They have a huge respect for older dragons and will often serve an older dragon if it suits their personal ambitions for power. Several older Loqland dragons have allied themselves with the Orc City of Molloch and there are rumours they might stage a dragon-led invasion into Korovia.

The natural enemies of Loqland dragons are other dragons and Loqland Wyverns. They despise mortal wizards and often go out of their way to kill any wizard who wonít serve them. When calculating their statistics, use Red Dragon as the base creature with the following changes.

Environment: Rugged Terrain, Hot Springs and Volcanoes.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Abilities: The Loqland Dragonís cone of acid breath deals 2d12 per Age Category. Its line of fire breath deals 2d8 per Age Category. They are immune to acid and fire, but are vulnerable to lightning. Instead of the red dragonís spell like abilities, use the following at the appropriate levels: Polymorph Self (Juvenile), Crushing Despair (old), Waves of Fatigue (ancient), & Greater Shout (great wyrm). When determining a Loqland dragonís spells, they tend to prefer spells that will frighten opponents and often have spells that are useful against wizards or clerics (such as Globe of Invulnerability).