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Lord Wilhelm

(Wilhelm the White Knight, Lord of Kost)
16th level Lawful Good Human: 12th level Paladin, 4th level Fighter.

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 20
Chr 16

Fort +20, Ref +12, Will +16

Hp: 126
AC: 30
Damage Reduction: 3
Base Atk: +16/+11/+6/+1

Armour: +3 Adamantium Full-Plate, +2 Tower Shield.
Weapons: +4 Holy War-Axe, +3 Dagger of Defending.
Items: Temple of Divine Light Teleport Ring, +3 Ring of Resistance, +2 Cloak of Protection.

Abilities: Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 3/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead, Special Mount, Remove Disease 3/week, Paladin Spells.

10 Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Tower Shield, Leadership, Mounted Combat, Ride-By-Attack, Spirited Charge, and Exotic/Focus/Specialization War-Axe.

At 52 years old, Wilhelm is the epitome of Paladin-hood. Even in his youth he was famously known as “Wilhelm the White Knight”, but now is the Lord of Kost. Twelve years ago he was the leader of the Temple of Divine Light, and helped out a band of now-famous heroes from time to time. The new leader of the temple is Lady Korozo (who also fought beside the heroes and their ilk twelve years ago). Wilhelm is a tough but good-natured paladin who is wise in his years. His white beard is also quite famous and he is popular with the children of Kost (who still call him the White Knight).

Wilhelm once knew Derek the Deadly on a personal level. He, Aleksandre, Kasiya, Derek and Ivan had been an adventuring party once upon a time. He has tried to keep track of Derek’s movements, but is in no position to duel with him. Wilhelm’s fullplate was a gift to him from Ivan, who visits the paladin usually once per year.

Wihelm’s special mount is a celestial heavy warhorse. He still adventures sometimes, but it is a rare occurrence these days. The days when he rode across Korovia almost every day are long over. He is a hero and inspiration to many adventurers.

Paladin (1st-3rd): 2-3-3.