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23rd level Chaotic Good Human: 10th level Necromancer, 1st level Fighter, 5th level Korovian Archmage, 7th level Grand Necromancer.

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 24
Wis 16
Chr 17

Fort +19, Ref +14, Will +23

Hp 89
AC 27
Base Atk: +12

Weapon: Walking Cane of the Archmage +5.

Feats: Skill Focus (Fishing), Weapon Focus (Club), Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms/Armour, Craft Wand, Craft Staff, Forge Ring, Necromancy Focus, Greater Necromancy Focus, Quicken Spell, Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative, Extended Life Span.

Skills: Fishing 8, Swimming 8, Knowledge Arcana 26, Knowledge Undead 26, Knowledge Planes 20, and Knowledge Evil 20.

Items: Ring of Protection +5, Cloak of Protection +5, Bracers +5, Ring of Spell Turning, Walking Cane of the Archmage +5 (throwing, holy, keen + special unknown powers).

Spell Opposition: Illusions & Enchantments.

For several hundred years, the soul of Lucentius was trapped inside a gem. Using a special process which combined Polymorph with Magic Jar and also a new spell called “Soul Splinter”, a group of adventurers with the aid of the White Necromancer (Lilith Bloodstone) created a new body for Lucentius and transferred his soul into the new body of a young man. He has been quite happy ever since and a very useful source of information (when he’s hasn't gone fishing that is).

Lucentius’s home is a rundown centuries old tower just north of Kost, which overlooks the lake. The place is always unlocked but many people refuse to go even near the tower, out of fear. The place does look rather spooky, despite the wooden sign on the door, which says, “Gone Fishing.” on one side and “The Wizard Is In.” on the other. No one dares steal anything from Lucentius because he has been known to polymorph people into fish (or worse), claiming he was in the mood for fish-N-chips.

Many people live in fear of Lucentius, for legends of his Lich-hood, although centuries old, are still told to young children in order to scare them away from practicing the dark arts. Parents saying things like “You be good or Old Lucentius might eat you!” tend to scare children quite a bit.

Except Lucentius isn’t old. He looks to be about 27 and quite handsome. He likes wearing expensive clothes as well, and carries a posh walking cane for looks.

The story of Lucentius is as follows: When he was a young boy he apprenticed himself to a powerful necromancer, not knowing what the necromancer truly was. While Lucentius was pure of heart in many ways, the study of the dark arts corrupted him and his teacher did nothing to prevent this from happening.

For awhile Lucentius adventured around Korovia and beyond its borders, but eventually he built his own tower. During his adventuring time he even learned how to fight. Retired in his tower he began to study ways to bring the dead back to life, trying to make a resurrection spell for wizards. Some of his experiments resulted in bizarre forms of undead, but he continued to try. As his power grew, Lucentius sought to discover the power of life and death itself, seeking to study it. It was during this study and experimentation that he lapsed into Lich-hood.

Angry that his former student had surpassed him in power by discovering a method of becoming immortal, Lucentius’s former master trapped the man inside a gem and imprisoned him there, and promptly stole Lucentius’s research.

While trapped in the gem, Lucentius’s mind went back to his childhood when he enjoyed fishing. It was this purity of thought for the simple things in life that brought about the change in his soul. Combined with the Soul Splinter spell, he was able to rid himself of the taint of evil. When Lilith Bloodstone eventually released him from his prison centuries later, the first thing he wanted to do was to go fishing and enjoy some creature comforts.

He is now perhaps Korovia’s greatest playboy, as he frequently is found charming young women and so he is no less dubious, but a lot friendlier (and occasionally drunk).

When “Soul Splinter” was cast, the evil side of Lucentius’s soul was banished to the Gray Waste. The evil side of him is now the proud owner of a business selling quality larvae and his own creation “Larvae Golems”. The evil version seems quite happy to stay there.