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Monsters of Loqland

Loqland/Uber Orc

Treat Loqland Orcs like regular orcs, but the following changes:

  • Loqland orcs have horns similar to those of a ram sheep. Indeed, they are even known for their ram attacks.
  • They are also very fond of using poison (usually Loqland Red Wyvern poison) on both their weapons and their horns.
  • Immunity to Red Wyvern poison.

    Loqland Red Wyvern

    More popular than the Loqland Black Wyvern, but less deadly, the Loqland Red is smaller and has a less deadly venom in its tail. It is rare that people die from Loqland poison as its chief ability is to disorient a victimís vision and other senses. A failed save from the poison also causes a personís vision to go blurry granting opponents 50% cover. Thus there is a 50% chance of their attacks missing. Loqland Reds hunt in packs for fear of Loqland dragons (their ancestral enemy).

    Even creatures with Blindfight or similar abilities are affected due to ringing in their ears, scent confusion, even a personís sense of touch seems a bit off.

    Loqland Black Wyvern

    Deadlier than the average wyvern, larger too. Loqland Blackís hunt in packs sometimes, even hunting with groups of red wyverns. They are more intelligent and will sometimes fight a Loqland dragon for territory if they feel they can win. Poison is very deadly (3d4 Con /3d4 Con), DC +2.