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Old Ivan

16th level Chaotic Good Dwarf: 16th level Barbarian.

Str 16
Dex 14
Con 20
Int 14
Wis 16
Chr 13

Fort +18, Ref +10, Will +11

Hp 192 (240)
AC 26
Base Atk: +16/+11/+6/+1 or +14/+9/+4/-1 & +14 with the spiked shield.
Damage Reduction: 6/-

Abilities: Darkvision, Dwarven Movement, Stone Cunning, Dwarven Weapons, +4 stability, +2 vs poison/spells, +1 atk orcs, +4 dodge vs giants, +2 stone/metal appraise, +2 craft, Fast movement, Illiteracy, Greater Rage 5/day, Trap Sense +5, Indomitable Will, Damage Reduction 4/-, & Improved Uncanny Dodge. 6 feats: Improved Shield Bash, Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave & Combat Reflexes.
Items: +4 Spiked Adamantium Breastplate, +3 Ring of Resistance, +4 Holy Waraxe, +3 Spiked Heavy Steel Shield, +2 Spiked Gauntlets and a bag of holding containing a large variety of potions.

For awhile Ivan tried to enjoy retirement, but the barbarian inside him got bored so he started adventuring again. These days he stays close to Roknar and makes a habit of killing several orcs every day before breakfast. “Keeps me fit!” he says. In combat Ivan is a bit like a whirling dirvish without the whirl and a bit more spikes. His axe is a blur as he slices through orc after orc. Especially when he’s pissed off.

Technically Ivan isn’t even old. Not by dwarven reckoning at least. What happened was his adventuring party (Kasiya, Wilhelm, Aleksandre, Derek and himself) split up and he didn’t know what else to do so he retired. When retirement seemed too boring, he started adventuring again (with much less experienced groups who thought he was reckless) but he charged on mightily and is still here to talk about it.

During the time that Derek was the warlord of Oraknev, Ivan was a deliberate pain in Derek’s side. He worked with a group of adventurers to cut off Derek’s supply lines and ambushed caravans that were carrying weapons to Oraknev. Using his bag of holding Ivan took many of those weapons back to Roknar and gave them to his dwarven kin to kill orcs with. “Extra weapons never hurt anyone… except orcs of course!” he says.

Ivan travels to Kost once per year to visit his old friend Wilhelm. Both he and Wilhelm have been trying to hatch a plot to catch Derek, as they both have a score to settle. Wilhelm and Ivan also have a difference of opinion of what is the best ways to capture/kill Derek. Such can be expected when you consider the one is a paladin and the other a barbarian. Ivan’s waraxe was a gift to him from Wilhelm who had it specially made for Ivan.

Ivan has contacts within the dwarven kingdom of Stilornvia that are very good at making weapons and armour and he has traveled there several times. He would be a valuable guide to anyone seeking to visit Stilornvia.