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5th level Chaotic Neutral Human: 5th level Rogue.

Str 16
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 17
Wis 14
Chr 13

Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +3

Hp 30
AC 18
Base Atk +3

Abilities: Sneak Attack +3d6, Evasion, Trap-finding, Trap Sense +1, Uncanny Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Dodge, & Combat Reflexes.
12 Skills (maxed, 8 ranks each): Hide, Move Silently, Spot, Search, Listen, Disable Device, Open Lock, Climb, Sleight of Hand, Decipher Script, Bluff, & Swim.
Equipment: +1 Black Studded Leather, +1 Bracers, +3 Elvish Dagger of Returning, & 2 Potions of Invisibility.

Unknown to Andrega (above), Paregus has decided to return to the tomb, but not to retrieve the bodies of fallen comrades. Paregus managed to grab a magical elvish dagger and numerous rubies before leaving the tomb. He is secretly trying to make an expedition to the tomb to sack its riches. He has enlisted the help of both pirates and a small group of thugs.

In combat Paregus likes to use hit and run tactics with his dagger (1d4+7 + possible sneak attack), using darkness and cover to protect him. He can be quite deadly in combat. He is a coward and will surrender if he thinks he will be killed. Paregus might be willing to make a deal with Andrega in order to get his hands on more wealth, but might attempt to back stab Andrega later. Paregus remembers all of the booby traps from last time and would be useful.