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The Minotaur Seer

Lawful Good, 341 years old (venerable).
6 HD Minotaur, 3rd level cleric/3rd level diviner, 15th level Mystic Theurge.

Str 21 (16+8-3)
Dex 11 (14-3)
Con 14 (13+4-3)
Int 20 (17Ė2+3+2)
Wis 24 (18+3+3)
Chr 15 (14Ė2+3)

Fort +20, Ref +17, Will +32

Hp 163
Base Attack +16 (+17, -1 Size)
Melee +21
Missile +16

AC 24 (Robes of Protection+5, Bracers of Armour+5, +5 Natural Armor, -1 Size.)
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Cleave,
+7 feats: Leadership, Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Staff, Combat Casting, Extended Life Span, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Toughness.
Languages: Giant, Korovian, Elvish, Ancient Korovian, Draconian, Feyspeak.
Skills: Spellcraft 30, Arcana 30, Nature 30, History 30, Future 30,
Total Ranks: 210.
+3 Intimidate, +4 Listen/Search/Spot.

Diviner Spells/day:
4-4-4-4-4-4-3-3-2 + diviner spells + 3 Epic Diviner spells.
Cleric Spells/day
5-5-5-5-4-4-3-3-2 + domain spells +3 Epic Cleric spells.

One of the most powerful people in all of Korovia is the Minotaur Seer. Legendary and of epic proportions, it is surprising she hasnít risen to god-hood yet. She is the only mortal in Korovia capable of casting Epic Spells (see Chapter 2 of the Epic Level Handbook).

She lives in the ruins of a hidden temple south of the minotaur city of Tuirn. The temple is covered with flowers and the weather there is always in a state of spring. When people enter the temple, the flowers point towards the intruders as if they were crossbows. (A herbalist or Knowledge Poison check of 15 reveals that the flowers have a deadly poison.) And if thatís not enough, the ground is covered with skulls and broken bones.

The tunnel and ceiling are both wide and has many cracks in it. There are more plants than stone, as if the entire temple is made of plants instead of actual dirt and rock. The tunnel is long, much longer than the temple appears on the outside, suggesting there is extra-dimensional magic at work. From the outside the temple appears to be a thick cross shape with a dome in the center.

Farther into the temple (if people make it past the flowers), the walls, floor and ceiling are covered with vines that move and twitch, and patches of phosphorent moss provides light. Any torches the party carries spark and suddenly go out. The air is damp and new torches cannot be lit. The moss provides all of the light. If the intruders are evil, the moss will stop glowing and instead produce darkness. The vines will then attack and strangle any evil intruders. As people walk, they can sometimes hear bits of whispering or even catch a glimpse of a fey creature dashing by

At the far end of the tunnel is a dome with a crack in the ceiling. Water from the crack drips into a pool of water below. The Minotaur Seer floats just above the water, sitting cross-legged floating in the air. She is very wrinkled and most of her face is hidden under the cowl of her robes. Otherwise she looks very strong and has an aura of soft green light that floats about her like vines.

Some adventurers who have sought her advice claim that fairies sometimes accompany the Minotaur Seer. Others say that wild animals like tigers and deer also serve within the temple. A few even claim to have met an Unicorn or Pegasus within the temple. One adventurer even claims to have been escorted by a Korovian dragon.

When adventurers enter the dome, she gestures for them to sit before the pool of water. At all times her eyes are closed and her face is strangely serene. With each drip that falls from the ceiling, a new image will appear in the pool. What happens next is always different. She sometimes shows the future as it will be, or as it may be. Some things are destiny, and some things can be changed. What is always the same for everyone who visits her is this: At the end of her vision, she disappears into motes of light and the ceiling stops dripping. At this point, a creature (whether it be fairy, deer, unicorn or whatever) will often appear to guide people out of the temple.

Some adventurers claim that she has even given them small gifts, such as a potion, scroll or small twinket that can help them.