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A wolf-kin is usually a ranger or druid (but may be from any class) who has bonded with a Korovian wolf. Not all wolves have this ability to bond with a humanoid. Often the character saved the wolf’s life, or it might be vice versa, or both. If multiple people save the life of a wolf or a whole pack of wolves, they all have the option of becoming Wolfkin. Another option is that the Wolfkin is the offspring of a parent who is also a Wolfkin and mated with a wolf, in which case this prestige class could be taken at 1st level. There are no levels beyond 1st however, so a PC must choose a different class afterwards. Some evil Wolfkin worship Lazriak the Wicked, but most Wolfkin are neutral or good in alignment.

Hit Die: d12
Requirements: Must have saved the life of a wolf, or vice versa.
Class Skills: 4 Skill Points/level. Gains access to Ranger skills. +4 racial bonus to Survival checks.
Weapon & Armour Proficiency: When in wolf form, the PC gains the ability to use natural weapons and is considered to be ambidextrous when in wolf form.
Spells per Day: No new spells.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Reflex Will Special
1st                    +1                  +2      +2     +2 Shapechange to Wolf, Immunity to Lycanthropy, Wolfspeak, Wolf Bond

Shapechange to Wolf: The one and only ability the Wolfkin has learned is the ability to Shapechange into a normal wolf, and back again as often as desired. There is no hybrid form. While in wolf form, the Wolfkin can use the special attacks of a wolf (trip), can communicate with other wolves, breed with wolves gain all the abilities of a wolf. If the Wolfkin (or their mate has children) their child will be the same humanoid species as the Wolfkin (but will automatically have the option of becoming a Wolfkin). They retain their hit points and dexterity, but gain the natural AC of a wolf. Any items carried merge with the Wolfkin’s body during transformation.
Immunity to Lycanthropy: The Wolfkin is immune to lycanthropy and if polymorphed, can polymorph back into either human or wolf form instantaneously. The Wolfkin is now considered to be a natural lycanthrope and may be targeted by weapons that deal extra damage or have special abilities against lycanthropes.
Wolfspeak: When in humanoid form the Wolfkin has learned how to speak and listen to wolves.
Wolf Bond: A Wolfkin can bond themselves with other humanoids who have saved their life (or vice versa), but only if they saved their life while their Wolfkin was in wolf form. The process of bonding requires the wolf or humanoid to lick (or perform a heal check) to the other’s wounds. The person who bonded then has the option to become a Wolfkin the next time they gain a level.
Note: A wizard or sorcerer who becomes a Wolfkin (or was born with the ability to become one) may take a wolf as a familiar.