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Zyguinas the Troll-King

26 HD Lawful Evil Korovian Uber-Troll:
8 HD Uber-Troll, 5th level Wizard, 5th level Druid, & 8th level Mystic Theurge.

Str 28
Dex 16
Con 26
Int 17
Wis 18
Chr 15

Fort +24, Ref +14, Will +25

Hp: 304
AC 27 (+4 Dragon Hide, +2 Ring of Protection, +5 natural, -1 Size, +3 Dex)
Attack +15 (Base +16, -1 Size)

+2 Fullblade (Troll great-sword): +26 Attack, 2d8+15 Damage.

Abilities: Darkvision 90’, low-light vision, Alertness, Iron Will, Track, scent, regeneration 5, Rend, Reach 10’, Uber-Troll Weapons & Armour, animal companion, nature sense, wild empathy, woodland stride, trackless step, resist nature’s lure, wild shape 1/day, summon familiar, Scribe Scroll, & Craft Magical Arms & Armour.

155 Ranks/Skills: Knowledge Arcane 25, Knowledge Nature 25, Knowledge History 25, Spellcraft 25, Spot 20, Listen 20, Climb 5, Jump 5, & Swim 5.
6 Feats: Combat Reflexes, Leadership, Brew Potion, Create Wondrous Item, Craft Staff and Fire Resistance 10 (epic).

Items: +2 Fullblade, +2 Ring of Protection, +3 Belt of Resistance, +4 Dragon Hide, plus extra items not listed here.

Druid Spells: 6-6-5-5-3-2-1
Wizard Spells: 5-5-5-4-3-2-1

Trolls have no age limit. They keep living until the day they are brutally burned to death. Zyguinas however has cheated death for over 4500 years. No one knows his exact age, but what is known is its best to just avoid this epic villain and his lair.

Deep within the troll lands, past dangerous mountain passes is the Troll-fortress City. It is a labyrinth of caves inside a steep and dangerous mountain. Within this mountain is the Troll-King’s lair. Regular trolls, even the uber trolls and giants that sometimes work with the trolls fear him and respect him, and thus this is why he is King. He has magic and they do not. More importantly, he can control fire, and they cannot. Indeed, he has even developed the ability to resist fire.

Very few brave adventurers have ever met the Troll-King, and let alone survived to tell the tale. In the past 12 years there have been many expeditions by paladins to bring back his head, but none returned. Perhaps Zyguinas ate them. Or maybe he experimented on them. Or experimented on them and then ate them.

Those who have met Zyguinas regard him as a bit jovial (but with an obvious taste for evil). He can be sarcastic at times, but otherwise has a powerful sense of humour and justice. It’s an evil definition of justice, but is justice nevertheless. Zyguinas is known as one of Korovia’s greatest villains, but his power within the troll lands borders on absolute. His horde of magical items is enough to make a dragon jealous and he has several crystal balls, which he uses to scry on enemies (or meals).