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Sturvek - City of Harmony with Nature

Population: 12,000 (mostly Halflings)
Terrain: Mountains, hills, and farmland.
Economy: Strong, farmland, and trade route.
Military: Good (militia 600).
Leadership: Lord.

Sturvek is a hill-city of buildings built under small oak trees. The city is relatively wealthy because it is an important trade route south of Koastmark. The city’s marketplace is unique however as people have to be exceptional careful of fey thieves.

Sturvek has a large number of fey creatures that visit it. Everything from pixies and sprites to pseudo-dragons and even unicorns visit the city. A herd of unicorns runs wild across the prairies east of the city and many of the forests nearby have an abundance of fey creatures.

Unicorn poachers from Koastmark are a problem in Sturvek and they have rangers and druids who patrol the land looking for poachers. The unicorns have their own defenses, of course.

The lord of Sturvek swore fealty to Queen Kasiya because he knew that Queen Kasiya would help them to stop the poachers. The locals consider the unicorns and fey creatures to be sacred and want them to be protected.

Since then she has hired several adventuring groups to hunt for poachers and to put a stop to the black market trade in unicorn horns. She has hired a retired adventurer named Olivia (10th level psychic warrior, 2nd level barbarian) from Loqland to head up the hunt for poachers.