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Yek - City of Griffons

Yek (Yeksereannia)
Population: 11,000 (mostly Elves)
Terrain: Hills and farmland.
Economy: Good, seaport.
Military: Very strong, standing army of griffons.
Leadership: Prince

Like Sylvania, Yek is a popular elvish seaport. Unlike Sylvania however it is a city of stone towers and home to many grey elves. It is the birthplace of the ancient elvish King Zaelean. The city was destroyed during the last demon war, and was infested with trolls for many centuries. A group of grey elves later recaptured the city and killed off all the trolls. The grandfather of King Zaelean was the elvish warrior who led the battle against the trolls. It was Zaeleanís grandfather who designed most of the architecture and spiraled towers that now grace Yekís skyline.

Yek is the short-form of the elvish name of the city. Yek has very few streets. Instead the north side of the city is flooded and has canals. People in Yek use small boats to travel about the city. There are a few roads but they are rarely used. There are very few horses in Yek because for a good reason: Griffons eat horses.

Yek is famous for its griffins. Many elves in Yek have griffons and thus the city has a small army of griffons and is an unofficial Korovian Air Cavalry. The official Air Cavalry is part of the northern army (near Oraknev).

Yek still has problems with trolls (even after many centuries of killing them). Sea trolls raid the city sometimes. Magical alarms are placed throughout the city to warn the elves of sea trolls who have broken through canals and entered the city.

More recently a sizeable tribe of sahuagin have invaded the rivers and canals of Yek, causing nightly havok and a curfew, and cutting off trade to the smaller town on the south side of the river.

Yek is ruled by grey elf Prince Tyllimov, a descendant of King Zaeleanís brother and thus not considered a King. He was one of the people who tried to woo Queen Kasiya when she became the Queen of Korovia. Prince Tyllimov is a 4th level fighter/5th level wizard/3rd level spellsword. Tyllimovís distant cousin is the Prince of Sylvania.