You've found the secret recruitment website of the Illuminati Brotherhood.

Do you seek to control and change the world in small (but influential) ways without the world knowing it?

Then join us. Become an apprentice member of the Illuminati. A brotherhood of men and women who "do not exist" but control the fate of nations.

Often we are not even politicians. We are the people behind them, in front of them, sometimes even guarding their backs. We are doctors, lawyers, security guards, police, civil servants, postal workers and even pizza delivery men.

What do we do?

Small things. It may not seem significant to you at first, but when put together they can make big changes. We organize large numbers of incidents that don't even get reported. When we are done, the world is a better place.

Sometimes we do larger things. We make car bombs and we assassinate people, but we never murder an innocent person. This is vigilantism on our part. As such, we arrange to have other groups take the blame for such incidents.

Joining the Illuminati is not for the weak of heart. We demand obedience from our new recruits. Only council members and executive members are allowed to disobey direct orders. Disobedience can result in banishment or even an "accident".

There are two kinds of members we are looking for:

  • #1. Apprentices, who carry out specific tasks.
  • #2. Supporters, who make donations towards our cause. The money donated will not be squandered on petty things like bribery. We prefer to intimidate someone using a handful of apprentices. No, monetary support is used specifically for buying/renting land to create front organizations. We operate a great many front operations, many of which actually turn a profit. But we can never have too much money.

    There are a number of rules every member must follow:

  • Never talk on the phone about the Illuminati.
  • Never talk to the police, FBI, CIA or Homeland Security about the Illuminati.
  • If anyone asks you about the Illuminati, it does not exist. Make a joke about it.
  • All knowledge about us must be treated as a joke, a conspiracy theory.

  • If anyone asks, this is just a roleplaying game website.