The Lilith Gallery of Toronto

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Welcome to the Lilith Gallery of Toronto!

Please click on of the images below to begin viewing the individual talents of the Lilith Gallery's artists. The artists within the gallery are handpicked for their talent and their ability to shock and delight their audience.

The Lilith Gallery operates on a non-profit basis and provides promotion to artists worthy of attention. Only those artists who deserve recognition due to years of professional work are shown here.

To join the Lilith Gallery email the curator.

Lilith Adler
Eliza Bathory
Jonathon Earl Bowser
Joelle Circe
Stefanie Lynn Evans
Caroline Folkenroth
Candice Raquel Lee
Jennifer Linton
Jasmine Maddock
Charles Moffat
Annie Naseem
Emilia Noris
Rachel Stone
Victoria Van Dyke
Judith Weratschnig
Artists Wanted,
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About the Lilith Gallery

The Lilith Gallery was started in July 2000 and since then we have been visited by 27.2 million unique visitors as of Dec. 31st 2011. Not bad for an online gallery with no actual bricks and mortar. Our artists are either handpicked for their original thinking or contact us wishing to join and get past a review process.

What is the Lilith Gallery looking for?

#1. Professionalism. The artist takes their work seriously and has high aspirations for their artistic career. They may have shown in galleries already or maybe they're just super driven with a great portfolio.

#2. Topic. We are only interested in artists who do feminist, gothic and controversial art. Heavy on the feminism. It is what the Lilith Gallery was founded on.

#3. Long Term Commitment. To get into the Lilith Gallery we require an one time membership fee of $100 Canadian. Once you're in its a life time membership.

#4. A Portfolio that Knocks our Socks Off. No other words can describe that accurately. We have to see your portfolio and want you as a member. If we don't like it then we wish you best of luck.

How is the Lilith Gallery funded?

The Lilith Gallery is non-profit and we subsidize the gallery via donations, advertising, corporate sponsors and lifetime membership fees. We don't take any commissions on sales of artwork. Please check out our corporate sponsors at the bottom of the page. If you wish to donate to the Lilith Gallery simply send as much as you want to via PayPal. Advertisers and companies wishing to become corporate sponsors can also contact us via the same email.

We thank you in advance for your support and hope you continue to come back to the Lilith Gallery again and again!

Our 2012 Redesign

If you're a regular visitor to the Lilith Gallery you may have noticed we have changed the look of the website every so often. What are you seeing now is the new 2012 design created for us by Our earlier designs were more gothic looking and we decided to revamp our look to create something more classy.

Comments? Questions?

If you have a burning desire to pose a question or a comment please visit the Lilith Gallery Facebook page and leave comments and quiries there. We shall answer them as soon as we are able.

Enjoy your stay!


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