Fear Americans - The Series
Seven Art Videos about American Violence & War made in 2004
By Director Charles Alexander Moffat

Guns, death and destruction. Its the American Way of Life!

Behold, the video art series: Fear Americans. A seven part series of videos that illustrates America's obsession with guns and warfare. Watch and learn how the President of the United States should actually be considered a war criminal and just as dangerous as Adolf Hitler. George W. Bush, the war criminal and "leader of the free world".

  • Fear Americans #1: Bushitler
  • Fear Americans #2: Gun Control
  • Fear Americans #3: Oil Economics
  • Fear Americans #4: American Life
  • Fear Americans #5: Wolfowitz War Crimes
  • Fear Americans #6: Fear, Hatred & Stupidity
  • Fear Americans #7: Pinky and the Brain

    "Guns, Guns Guns" - 2006 - Charles Moffat & Katherine Winchur
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