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"Above the Goth"
paintings by Charles Alexander Moffat :

  • Above the City : 2000
  • Above the Freeway : 2001
  • Headache : 2001
  • Julie #1 : 2003
  • Kat #1 : 2001
  • Kat #2 : 2001
  • Katya : 2000
  • Julie #1 : 2003, click to see larger version.

    Julie #1 : 2003

    "Above the City" and "Above the Freeway" are two of Moffat's paintings with similar names/themes, but completely different compositions. #1, "Above the City" is square and hung like a diamond, whereas "Above the Freeway". #2, they incorporate different painting palettes, #3 Moffat uses different styles in the two paintings.

    However, they also have a lot of similarities too. They both use perspective, both have female figures in the foreground, both use red (even if it a different kind of red), both contrast black and white, and both paintings were made within six months of each other.

    When compared to Moffat's much more recent painting "Julie #1" however, we see Moffat's signature style and composition standing out. In this much more refined painting, Moffat uses expert brushstrokes to convey the idea of folds in Julie's shirt, uses the contrasts of black and white within Julie's clothes for contrast, her face is shaded subtly with black and white to add depth, even the styrofoam coffee cup uses this chiaroscuro. Moffat also demonstrates his skill to paint hands, arms and wrists in this painting.

    The background does not use perspective like the other paintings however, but he does use the same figure-foreground, landscape-background composition that has become part of his signature style. His choice of the Toronto skyline is apparently a more direct reference to Toronto as the Gothic Capitol of the world, in addition to being the biggest phallic symbol of all time.

    The paintings "Kat #1", "Kat #2" and "Katya" have been included on this page too in order to compare their styles. They differ dramatically from Moffat's signature style, but have aspects that make them undeniably Moffat.

    You can contact for more info about these paintings. Prints of the paintings are available with prices depending upon size.

    Above the City : 2000, click to see larger version.

    Above the City : 2000

    Above the Freeway : 2001, click to see larger version.

    Above the Freeway : 2001

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