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Emilia Noris

Emilija Noris was born in 1973 in Macedonia. She earned a BA in music theory/pedagogy, studied fashion design at "Eftimov" in Skopje, and has worked as a music teacher since 1998. Her fashion-based artwork about the modern woman has been shown in group exhibitions and shows, including the Museum for Contemporary Art in Skopje. She is currently preparing for a solo exhibition.

"My collage artwork reflects my personal everlasting fascination on the subject of woman and fashion. I started using this technique in 1997 by doing collage interpretations and reproductions of paintings from various artists. It was an experimental phase during which I learnt the basics of the technique. But it was fashion design school I finished in 2002, that guided me to and formed my present style. During this year I learnt a lot about visual expression of ideas through making of fashion books by using collage technique. This was the moment when I begun my "Woman" phase, that it's still going on.

The works of "Woman" phase are focused on expressing different woman characters, moods and feelings. I build every work around a specific woman figure or face. The most important part of the creation process is to choose this central figure or face, because it drives the rest of the composition. During the whole creation process I rely primarily on my insticts and momentary feelings, and act completely spontaneously, rather than having specific predefined final goal.

For my works I use cuttings from different kinds of paper. Then I apply pastel, acrylic or textile colors, and sometimes add textile or other objects. Most of my works are done in 50 x 70 cm format."

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Shows & Exhibitions:

  • 1995, Fashion drawings, Group exhibition, held in Army House in Skopje.

  • 2002, "Hysteria and Belle epoque", Group fashion show of young designers from fashion studio "Eftimov", held in Museum for Contemporary Art in Skopje.

    Chronological Listing of Art by Emilia Noris :

    Candy Dress : 2003
    Freedom of Movement : 2003

    Alexandra : 2004
    Dilemma I : 2004
    Dilemma II : 2004
    Flora I : 2004
    Flora II : 2004
    Flora III : 2004
    Luna : 2004
    Mouse in the City : 2004
    No! To Tailoring : 2004
    Sex for Beginners : 2004
    She-Jesus : 2004
    Summer : 2004
    Warrior : 2004
    Winter : 2004

    Butterfly I : 2005
    Butterfly II : 2005
    Cherry Woman : 2005
    East : 2005
    Eco-clown : 2005
    Fire : 2005
    Futurama : 2005
    Future Screams : 2005
    Harem Tale : 2005
    Indian Warrior : 2005
    Precious Thoughts I : 2005
    West : 2005

    Basic Instincts : 2006
    Bird 1 : 2006
    Bird 2 : 2006
    I Won : 2006
    Play with Me : 2006
    Queen of the Sun : 2006
    Who Cares : 2006

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    Freedom of Movement - 2003

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    Alexandra - 2004

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    Winter - 2004

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    Butterfly II - 2005

    Click to see larger version.
    Indian Warrior - 2005

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    Bird 1 - 2006